Build Your Own 3-Pack Kolachi Rolls - Large 24oz+ Free Shipping

Build Your Own 3-Pack Homemade Nut Rolls aka Kolachi, Kolache, Povitica, Potica, Strudel, Bread
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NEW Subscribe & Save! No Commitment! Enjoy your choice of 3 Kolachi rolls with the convenience of automatic delivery, and "lock in" the best price on all future deliveries! Your first order will ship now, and all future orders will save 10% off the daily discounted price plus Free Shipping. (Ex: $59.85, 10% off = $53.87). If the discount increases, so does yours - you always receive the best price!  We'll email you a reminder about 1 week before your next shipment to see if you'd like any changes to flavors, arrival week, even change the shipping address and send as a gift.  Make changes, skip deliveries, cancel anytime. Absolutely no commitment.  

Gift A Kolachi! It's not the holidays in our homes without Kolachi, but we bet you know someone who has never heard of them. Share your family tradition as a nice gesture or thank you, so they can start a sweet tradition of their own! Our packaging includes a brief history, serving & storing instructions.

Either Mom or Grandma used to make Kolachi, and you're craving some sweet memories... or you've never heard of them. Requiring a decent amount of time in the kitchen, it's tradition for these ethnic Eastern European Kolachi rolls to appear on the special occasion holidays of Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  Thankfully now popular year round, we can now enjoy them daily with our morning coffee.  Our new generation is spoiled... we can't remember a birthday, wedding, graduation, Sunday dinner, or even a football game where these rolls are not devoured. Any reason to gather with family & friends, and Kolachi usually appears.   "Nut Rolls" are a generic name for what we call "Kolachi", but more on that below.

Each Kolachi weighs a good 24 ounces. Select any combination of three above, and they'll ship USPS Priority Mail 1-3 day or UPS service to any state in the U.S. - great savings on shipping to our West Coast customers! As always, all shipping services are guaranteed to arrive fresh!  All rolls will ship vacuum sealed and packaged with care by our bakers. Upon order placement, we bake your Kolachi fresh (also available as kolachi cookies) with the freshest ingredients we can find. We take the time to bake the old fashioned way, like our Grandparents did. We mix fresh dough with ingredients you can pronounce - flour, sugar, eggs, butter, milk. You get the idea... no artificial ingredients, fillers, additives, or preservatives. No excuses. Our farm fresh eggs, sweet cream butter, & milk are from a local family dairy farm... a no-hormone added rBST free farm. And please don't get us started on cheap margarine or shortening... great baked goods start with the best ingredients, and there is no substitute for the flavor of real butter!

Have you ever cut a Kolachi in half and wondered where the filling is? Is it nothing but bread?  We like more filling than dough... so that's exactly how we make them. By weight, there is actually more filling in each roll than dough! In the walnut rolls, the rich & creamy filling makes them very soft and moist, never dry. Walnuts are actually the number one ingredient! We grind the freshest California grown English walnuts, straight into our mixing bowl. They don't come in already ground, or sit around and dry out. They are made into filling, spread on dough, and off to the oven. Our Poppy Seed Rolls are made with fresh ground poppy seeds. The filling is a perfect creamy balance of slightly nutty, bitter sweet fruitiness, with a slight hint of vanilla. All rolls are excellent with a good cup of coffee, but poppy seed especially.

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Reviewed by Customer_Testimonials
Customer_Testimonials bought "Build Your Own 3-Pack Kolachi Rolls - Large 24oz+ Free Shipping" on our website
11/15/2015 - 05:29:36 PM
Best, freshest ever!
This is by far the most authentic nut rolls i have had since my slovak grandmother made them for us on the holidays. I would recommend this bakery to anyone looking for the best, freshest kolachi rolls ever!!! - Lynda Raub Maloney, Hellertown PA
Reviewed by Customer_Testimonials
Customer_Testimonials bought "Build Your Own 3-Pack Kolachi Rolls - Large 24oz+ Free Shipping" on our website
10/25/2015 - 07:59:49 PM
One word
Just got my order,I can sum up my review in one word. YUMMMMMMMMM
Just like I remember how my mom and grandmother use to make it. - Jim Vandervort, Scottsdale, Az
Reviewed by Customer_Testimonials
Customer_Testimonials bought "Build Your Own 3-Pack Kolachi Rolls - Large 24oz+ Free Shipping" on our website
10/25/2015 - 07:57:46 PM
Loved it
I ordered the Pumpkin Kolachi and we loved it. Getting ready to order more - Dawn McAdams, Terre Haute, In
Reviewed by Customer_Testimonials
Customer_Testimonials bought "Build Your Own 3-Pack Kolachi Rolls - Large 24oz+ Free Shipping" on our website
09/20/2015 - 02:01:27 PM
The Pumpkin Nut Kolachi is amazing! I am so happy I ordered more than one! - Debby, Wildwood, Fl
Reviewed by Facebook_Reviews
08/08/2015 - 01:31:23 PM
Thank you Butter Maid Bakery for the AMAZING poppy seed & nut rolls. They arrived just in time for our family get together. They were fresh and delicious just like grandma used to make back in the day. You definitely do not skimp on the filling! Received lots of compliments on how good they were. Will for sure be ordering again! Give you 5 STARS! Thank you, The Shimko Family from San Juan Capistrano, CA
Reviewed by Customer_Testimonials
Customer_Testimonials bought "Build Your Own 3-Pack Kolachi Rolls - Large 24oz+ Free Shipping" on our website
08/08/2015 - 01:26:38 PM
In Love
The poppy roll is the that I ever had. Of course the best used to be my grandmother's who was a Hungarian lady.
I'm in love with this bakery because it reminds me of my grandmother baking. Thank you. - Valerie Fountain, Ocala, Florida
Reviewed by Customer_Testimonials
Customer_Testimonials bought "Build Your Own 3-Pack Kolachi Rolls - Large 24oz+ Free Shipping" on our website
05/16/2015 - 02:26:57 PM
Out of this world!
My heritage is Croatian and my Godmother made the best kolachi. Butter Maid is the first bakery to rank a 10++! Their kolachi is out of this world! Fast shipping! Ordered three and they disappeared in three days! I am placing my second order and plan many more. One suggestion, please find the recipe for the cherry angel food kolachi! Any chance you make apple strudel? Butter Maid, YOU ARE THE BEST! - Darlene Burkey, Youngstown, OH
Reviewed by Customer_Testimonials
Customer_Testimonials bought "Build Your Own 3-Pack Kolachi Rolls - Large 24oz+ Free Shipping" on our website
05/16/2015 - 12:54:57 PM
Like Mom's
I ordered 3 rolls in honor of my mom who I miss soooo much everyday. Received them today & had to taste one. Mom must be helping y'all bake cause it taste just like hers ALOT of nuts. Thanks!! I will be ordering more in the future. Have to share with my son & daughter. - Bonnie Ellis, Knightdale NC
Reviewed by Customer_Testimonials
Customer_Testimonials bought "Build Your Own 3-Pack Kolachi Rolls - Large 24oz+ Free Shipping" on our website
04/17/2015 - 10:32:37 PM
An absolute TEN! I had a difficult time sharing the three rolls I ordered for Easter - Chocolate nut, nut and poppy seed. Maine is not really known for it's Polish bakeries and having been born and raised Polish, I missed the rolls at holiday times. Easter was never without my mom's poppy seed and nut rolls. Relatives would always ask that mom make some for them. After mom passed, I searched for a similar product, but never found one that compared. That became even more difficult after we moved to Maine! You must have channeled all the Polish moms out there because these are perfection! How about I give them a twenty on the scale of one to ten ! Count on me to order again and again! - Carol MacMath, Kennebunk, ME
Reviewed by Facebook_Reviews
04/14/2015 - 11:54:05 AM
Gone by dinnertime
I received my three rolls (two nut rolls and a poppyseed) on Wednesday late afternoon. The first one was gone by yesterday (Thursday) dinnertime and now I'm working on the poppyseed one. One more remains in the fridge. Brings back memories from my childhood when the ladies in the community (southwestern PA) made the rolls and shared with us non-European kids whose moms didn't make such. I've recruited others to share in your wealth! Blessed Easter to you all.
Linda Helbeck - Port Saint Lucie, FL
Reviewed by Customer_Testimonials
Customer_Testimonials bought "Build Your Own 3-Pack Kolachi Rolls - Large 24oz+ Free Shipping" on our website
04/14/2015 - 11:44:24 AM
Absolutely delicious!!!!
When I saw your advertisement on facebook, I couldn't believe that the picture of the nut roll looked just like my mother-in-law's. Thank heavens I took a chance and ordered one and it did not disappoint. Absolutely delicious!!!! Can't wait to send them as gifts to my siblings next Christmas. I hope I can keep them a secret until then but I'm probably going to have to let them know about these wonderful kolachis before then.
Karen - Savannah, Georgia
Reviewed by Customer_Testimonials
Customer_Testimonials bought "Build Your Own 3-Pack Kolachi Rolls - Large 24oz+ Free Shipping" on our website
04/14/2015 - 11:32:50 AM
The Best
Saw your advertisement on facebook and I am sure glad I did. Received my nut roll and cherry nut roll and I have to say that it was the best I have ever tasted. Can't wait to try some cookies. Will definitely be placing more orders.
kathy williams - newark, delaware
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
04/14/2015 - 11:26:50 AM
Just in time!
I just want to thank you for getting my first order from Butter Maid Bakery here On Saturday for our Easter dinner at our friend's house. Since moving to far Western Kentucky from a predominately Hungarian/Slovak town in New Jersey, I have not had the walnut, apricot, poppy seed, or lekvar beigli that we always bought at the Hungarian bakeries!!! When I saw your ad on Facebook, I immediately placed the order and want to thank you for making sure it got here in time. My mouth is watering just thinking about the walnut roll and I can't wait to have a piece!!! in fact I'm going to get it right now!!! Please make sure I am on your mailing list for European treats and holiday treats. You are my new best friend!!
Lois R - Benton, KY
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
04/14/2015 - 11:01:34 AM
Easter complete
Truly loved the rolls that I ordered. One problem, is the Cherry/nut roll. I was expecting like a 50/50% of cherry & nuts; however, it was a lot more nit than cherry. They taste just like my grandmom use to make. Delicious. Thank you for making my Easter complete.
Andrea D - Lancaster, PA
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
04/14/2015 - 10:37:54 AM
Forever Customer!
I got the rolls in time for Easter and they were EXCELLENT. On a scale of 1 to 10, with my mom's being a 10, your's are AT LEAST a 9 (I am a bit prejudice, LOL.) My mom used to make Kolachi and Poppy Seed rolls every Christmas and Easter. I missed them so much. Now I can order them from you! I don't know how I found your web site, but I am so VERY happy I did. I introduced Kolachi to several people on Easter, and THEY ALL LOVED IT.

Thank you ALL so much for making such wonderful rolls. I will be a forever customer!

Mary T - Big Bear City, CA
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
02/19/2015 - 09:19:50 PM
The best kolachi ever!
My only exposure to kolachi is from the local grocery store. My husband would tell me how his Nana would make it from scratch and how wonderful it was. Unfortunately when I started dating him, Nana had give up cooking for other hobbies. On a whim I ordered from Buttermaid and let's say my hubby is a happy camper. The nut rolls are packed with filling, flavor and love! They are nice and moist compared to the dried out wannabes from the grocery store. We will continue to be repeat customers. Thank you!
- chemwomyn
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
02/19/2015 - 09:12:31 PM
I just received my walnut raspberry kolachi today in the mail and it is awesome. I was a little hesitant to order kolachi online but I was very much surprised on how good it is. the first bite was very tasteful and I do taste the raspberry in it. the walnuts just compliment the taste. I hope to try the apricot soon since that is my favorite flavor. I live nearby and probably will stop in instead of ordering online keep up the good work. some kolachis in the other stores are burnt will little filling but not yours. yours are filled and delicious. I will tell my family and friends about your business.
J.G., Youngstown OH
Reviewed by Facebook_Reviews
01/14/2015 - 06:12:04 PM
Just Perfect!
WOW! I ordered poppy seed and nut rolls before Christmas and I still can't get over how fantastic they were! The nut roll might just be the best thing I've ever eaten! I grew up with the poppy seed rolls (makovnik)--no holiday is complete without them--but of course, I cannot find them anywhere in Virginia...until I found you, that is. So delicious, just perfect! I actually considered entering your contest right before Christmas, even though it would have been a day's driving to pick it up if I had won!
Thank you so much & Happy New Year!
G.D., Virginia
Reviewed by Facebook_Reviews
01/04/2015 - 03:05:39 PM
Recent Facebook page comments, Of Holiday Baking Traditions:
Loved my grandmas kolachi. Your is the closest to hers that I've ever had.

My grandma & mom made Hungarian kolachi every Christmas & Easter!! My mom can no longer make the kolachi. I hope to make it as good as they did to carry on the tradition. In the meantime, I LOVE BUTTERMAID'S kolachi!!

I used to get kolachi from Buttermaid back in the mid 1960's, when they were in the Boardman Plaza the first time. Was the closest to my mom's that I could find!

Best kolachi ever! I used to work at Southern Park and would buy these all the time, my family is hooked on them now too.

Every year the first thing Grandma would make for Christmas is Kolachi. As a little girl I would sit and help Grandma grind the nuts in her little old fashion nut grinder. I loved watching the nuts pop all over in the little jar as they were being grinded. She made the best kolachi ever, and Buttermaid makes a most delicious kolachi that is almost as good as Grandma's was. Yummy.

Every year since I can remember, my Mom who has passed away, made homemade Familiy's favorite! We've just moved back to the area & tried Buttermaid Kolachi...and its perfection! So tasty & even better than my sweet Mothers!!

Thank you for sharing such wonderful treats all year round. I have followed you from place to place in the mall. And love the new store in the boardman plaza. By purchasing baked goods from your family, I am able to spend more time and make more memories with my children. Thank you for that.

The best damn kolachi I've ever had!!!! It was perfect in every way....a customer bought it for me as a gift and since I didn't share it with anyone my husband had to come buy more!!!

Butter Maid is why I never learned to make my own!

Love the years of making homemade Kolachi with my Grandma !! Have her recipe written in her handwriting .. But haven't tried it alone yet!! Love yours ! Next best thing!!

My mother in law taught me how to make this kolachi and butter maid bakery makes me the best to home made I have ever tasted

When I was growing up... In my grams Hungarian kitchen... we would crack bags and bags..( it seemed like forever) walnuts... and then put them through this big metal grinder... I hated this part... but loved the Nut Rolls... and Poppy Seed and Lekvar as well... I never learned how to make them.. wish I knew... but I buy from Butter Maid Bakery... brings me back in time.... Thank you for the lasting memories... and we even had the cotton wrapped Sassafrass Tree... another Hungarian tradition...

My grandmothers kolachi recipe has been in our family for years. It's the best I've ever tasted. Working two jobs makes it kinda hard to make now so I rely on places like butter maid who make great kolachi along with other great bakery items.

My girlfriends and I used to make kolachi yrs ago...Buttermaid is the best store bought I've ever full of filling. I will never make again as long as Buttermaid has it..

This was a hit with my family dinner. Phenomenal!
Plenty of filling BM doesn't skimp
Reviewed by Facebook_Reviews
01/04/2015 - 10:06:02 AM
What a hit!
First time ever ordering, Kolachi and Nut Roll from your Bakery, and best move I made...Opened and shared yesterday, and what a hit ! ! They are delicious ....just like Homemade I had long ago.....I've already shared your Website......So glad I stumbled on your site. Thank you
Barbara D., Binghampton, NY
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
12/31/2014 - 01:01:19 PM
Wonderful Memories
Thank you all for making your poppyseed and raisin roll just like my mother once did so we can again enjoy it along with wonderful memories of her at Christmas!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy 2015!
The Fersch Family, Ashburn VA
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
12/05/2014 - 07:49:45 PM
Got the knack!
I got my order tonight. I cannot begin to describe just how delicious that poppyseed pastry really is. If a machine made that, you have a very select piece of equipment. If a human made that, God bless them for they have a knack.

Thank you for a wonderful product,
John Hercules

PS I have never seen a more unique and good way to pack such an item.
Reviewed by Customer_Testimonials
11/16/2014 - 07:44:54 PM
Best anywhere
We are from Youngstown, lived there until we moved to Vegas 19 years ago. They don't know what Kolachi is here. For the last couple of years I have been ordering 12 Kolachi's at Christmas. You guys are still the best anywhere. Don't stop making those wonderful baked goods. I really miss your fantastic cakes!!
Donna Leckburg, Las Vegas, NV
Reviewed by Customer_Testimonials
11/16/2014 - 07:31:43 PM
Wonderful Memories
I had ordered the 3 pack of Kolachi (Poppyseed, Walnut & Apricot). Went to a Slovaktoberfest to watch the Penn State vs. Ohio State game and brought the Rolls. They were such a hit and brought back so many wonderful memories for the people there of the mothers or grandmothers making the Kolachi Rolls. I will be ordering more in the future.
Dan Durica, Norwell, MA.
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
04/30/2014 - 04:57:39 PM
Best I Have Found
Your rolls are the best I have found on line, and I order on line all the time. I will continue to use you, and will also recommend others to your site. My Mother is 95 and believe me, she was the best baker around in her day, and she was very happy with your rolls. My Brother-In-Law, who has never eaten his rolls without butter on them, ate these without the butter. He loved them and said they were excellent. Thanks again for a great product. JoAnn
Reviewed by Customer_Testimonials
04/09/2014 - 03:06:27 PM
Family Is Now Addicted
I grew up in a Polish household in PA and nut and poppy seed rolls were always prepared by my family for every holiday and in between. I was never able to make them as well as my grandmother and aunts and have never been able to purchase anything like them anywhere in stores or bakeries. When I would purchase one elsewhere, I would pay a lot for a roll of dry pastry with almost no filling, so, I quit trying until I found Butter Maid bakery online. I was ecstatic when I first tried them. The crust is moist and the rolls are filled with very generous amounts of filling. My family is now addicted to them.
Customer service is wonderful. Shipping is prompt and the items are packed well. The staff is very friendly and communication is great. My only wish is that they would always be shipped in the plastic containers in addition to the vacuum sealed wrap. It helps with storage. They are well worth the money and I am so thrilled with the job these bakers do. Thank you all!!
Lorraine C, Dayton, Ohio
Reviewed by Customer_Testimonials
04/09/2014 - 02:23:22 PM
Remind Me Of My Mothers
Tom Waligora, Hanahan, SC
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
02/03/2014 - 06:03:54 PM
Old World Style
My wife ordered your three pastry roll special, cherry walnut, apricot and poppy seed. She is a fanatic for these rolls and they are relatively hard to find the way she likes them, a more basic version that is filled with flavor and not sugary frosting.

What can I say other than these rolls far exceeded our expectations! Let me further clarify by saying that I am allowed a daily slice - no more. She feels that I don't appreciate quality baked goods, old world style.

These are truly the BEST DARN PASTRY ROLLS I have ever, ever tasted. I had my slice this AM and am anxiously awaiting tomorrows! Thank you and your bakers for a perfect product!

Joe Iarocci
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
01/18/2014 - 12:37:13 PM
Outstanding Nut Rolls
So happy I discovered your website. The nut rolls are outstanding and the packaging was unbelievable..not a crumb was shed. I froze the extra rolls so I wouldn't run out for special visitors/occasions. Can't wait to see your Easter offerings. Thank you for keeping the "old world" alive and doing well.
Betty Whitaker, Malvern, PA
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
01/18/2014 - 12:35:56 PM
Best Kolachi
Absolutely the very best Kolachi I've had ( of course except for my mother's). I've made these myself with great results but it takes so much time which I just don't seem to have enough of. You can expect to see me from now on for all the Holidays.
David Tordosinsky, Ambler, Pa
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
01/18/2014 - 12:33:53 PM
Made My Christmas
You made my Christmas! I grew up in Columbiana, Ohio and remember my Grandmother bringing Kolachi for us to eat every Christmas morning. After my Grandmother died more than 30 years ago, we never had it again. I missed it every year. I found Butter Maid Bakery on line and decided to order it this year. IT WAS AWESOME!!! It was everything I remembered. My family has since passed away but this brought back good memories. Thank you so much!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Kathie McNab, El Cajon, CA
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
01/18/2014 - 12:31:06 PM
Customer For Life
I don't know how she did it, but my now-deceased mother always hosted Christmas Eve and Day dinners. She was an angel and a superb Polish cook.
Among her holiday repertoire, she made poppy seed and nut rolls. Her dough was always tender rolled very thinly and she generously filled them with the poppy seed and nut fillings.
I have purchased these items in regular as well as ethnic grocery stores and they never could match up with those made by my mother and now, Buttermaid. Buttermaid topped even my mother's rolls. I have also purchased them from a nearby Polish Holiday Festival and those were made with skimpy amounts of fillings and the dough was tough and too thick. Needless to say, I have been so disappointed with my search for these tasty memories from my past.
At last, I ordered them, as well as other delicious confections, from Buttermaid. My search for these items is now over. I will always purchase from Buttermaid.
Diane Piasecki, Fair Oaks, CA
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
01/18/2014 - 12:23:54 PM
Customer Service
GREAT customer service! I just placed a phone order w/ Taylor for kolachi rolls to be delivered to 6 different addresses. Taylor took them all in stride and made the process easy. Merry Christmas, God bless & keep you.
David Girardin, Chesapeake, VA
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
12/11/2013 - 05:13:13 PM
Can't Thank You Enough!
I ordered a poppy seed roll, apricot, and nut roll. Spending most of my younger years in Ohio had a lot of relatives make the aforementioned. Can I just tell you how awesome your products are!!!!! I live in Syracuse NY and cant find this kind of baked goods. My Mom is 83 and was craving all of the above,you all made her holidays. I cant thank you enough! - HS Syracuse NY
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
11/21/2013 - 07:42:14 PM
Customer Testimonials
Growing up in Youngstown and living in the area for over 20 years, I always looked forward to a trip to Buttermaid. Birthday cakes where my fav as a youngster and kolachi as well. Ordered some online last year and had it shipped. It was just as I remembered it. Fresh, tender, yummy! I've got to say, I had to hide it from my family. It was too good to share!! Okay, I shared a little.
Vickcie - Fuquay Varina, NC
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
11/18/2013 - 08:55:53 PM
Hungarian Heritage
I'm all Hungarian. My mother used to make the nut roll, but my aunt from Hungary made them too. I found out we are Ashkanazi Jews. She used to cook for royalty I'm told. She was small and hunched over. She had a great flower garden in Middletown, Ohio. We visited from Dearborn, Mich. She would roll out the dough and fill it. She made several at a time. She was so proud. What she also made were the churtaga - cookies rolled out, turned inside out and deep fried and rolled in powered sugar. I could never make the cookies, but I have made the nut rolls. I made them with a neighbor who is Polish - close enough. I sent your rolls to my single cousin in Florida this past spring. I have been sending to her at Christmas for the last few years. I live in South Carolina. She was dying of colon cancer. She so enjoyed the nut roll - a last enjoyment to remind her of her Hungarian heritage too. She passed in May. So I am soo fond of your nut rolls. I do not make my own. It is a real treat for me and a reminder of my Hungarian heritage. I cannot find a place for a response. Add me to the list of satisfied customers. - K Mason
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
11/18/2013 - 08:53:08 PM
Customer Testimonials
The highest rating is 10, I would give you a 20 if I could, loved the nut roll. My mother in law used to buy nut rolls every christmas, and over the years have forgotten about the nut roll. I happened on your web site and thought I would give it a try and so glad I did. My husband who doesn't impress easily also loved the nut roll. Keep up the good work and we will buy from you again. THANK-YOU
Judy Teffer - Stockton, Missouri
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
08/08/2013 - 02:33:04 PM
Customer Testimonials
I have ordered nut rolls from other companies and have been disappointed, either they were broken, dry, no nuts. When I decided to try your bakery, I was so delighted. The packing was excellent, the nut roll heavy and filled with nut filling and most important, it was not burnt. The shipping was very quick and the communication with emails was helpful. From now, I know where I will get my baked goods. Thank you.
Mary Hawthorne
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
08/08/2013 - 02:17:25 PM
Customer Testimonials
Our daughter just send us your 3-Pak variety rolls for Fathers Day and I was so taken aback, that I thought my Mother made them and sent them down from heaven. They are just "scrumptious" just like I remember as a child. Soooooooooo good !!! Since we are originally from Ygstn., and cannot find a decent bakery anywhere in our area, we certainly appreciate the baked goods all the more. Thank you so much for keeping a good thing going. God Bless !
- Carole Cross
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
10/26/2012 - 07:51:39 PM
Customer Testimonials
I have placed my 3rd order and am anxiously awaiting it to arrive. Your Nut Roll Kolachi's are out of this world!!! Mom use to make them. We were all born in Pennsylvania and everyone thought hers was the best. She passed recipe on to me. However, I will NEVER make them again. I'll buy yours everytime! Good job on family traditions!!!!!
Susan Fink
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
10/26/2012 - 07:48:57 PM
Customer Testimonials
Born in Pittsburgh,grew up in California,really missing Kolachi,your rolls are as good as or better than the ones my Grandmother made and sent to our family from Pennsylvania,each year at Christmas.Grandma is gone,but I can still get good Kolachi. Thank You.
Bill in California
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
10/26/2012 - 07:46:28 PM
Customer Testimonials
I just finished 3 walnut nut rolls and enjoyed every bite! They reminded me of my childhoold and the "great aunties" nut rolls. Unfortunately, none of these cooks are alive, but your rolls were as good if not better....enjoyed ALL the filling and very little dough. I am waiting for the next shippment!!!!
Margaret (Meg) Gordon
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
10/26/2012 - 07:42:42 PM
Customer Testimonials
My mother made these while I was growing up in Pittsburgh. Since she is no longer with us,I have tried many different nut rolls but none came close to moms until I tried these. Delicious!!! So filled with nuts even the ends are filled. Ordered some for both sisters who have already ordered some for themselves. Next thing I will try is the cookies for servicemen. I have a a grandson in the Marines who loves chocolate chip cookies. Thanks Butter Maid!
Ginny Mahoney
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
10/26/2012 - 07:37:30 PM
Customer Testimonials
My 3 pack arrived yesterday and I gave one to my brother in law as an early Christmas present. I opened one for myself tonight. Oh my God! My sister wasn't kidding. They taste just like my mother used to make. What a find! I definitely will be back for more. You have my word on it. Thank you Butter Maid for bringing my mom back to me.
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
10/26/2012 - 07:33:16 PM
Customer Testimonials
My Grandma and my Mom used to make these all the time... they are a huge part of the Christmas and Easter holidays. Sadly my Gram passed away and my Mom can no longer make them... I have tried but they just don't taste the same. Yours, however, are exactly like my Grammy's and my Mom's!!! They are just perfect!!!
Nancy Joyner
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
10/26/2012 - 07:29:54 PM
Customer Testimonials
I grew up in Pa. & Mom would make homemade nut rolls every year at Christmas. They were the best! Even after I left home & got married she would send me her nut rolls for the holidays. Now that Mom is gone, I miss so not enjoying her nut rolls & other goodies. I now received my 1st homemade nut roll from you & I admit, it is almost like having a pkg. from Mom again. Sure she is smiling from "Heaven" & saying "enjoy". So glad I found your place. I know now where I can get my piece of "Heaven" & memories of Mom! Yours are delicious & have enjoyed it so much that I ordered more today! Thank you so much for such a wonderful job.
Dee Reichenbach
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
10/26/2012 - 07:28:31 PM
Customer Testimonials
We ordered the poppy seed cake roll and enjoyed it tremendously. It was just like my mother used to make!
Richard Nye
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
10/26/2012 - 07:27:26 PM
Customer Testimonials
I grew up in Aliquippa, PA and my mother made her own nutrolls. They were the best in the world. These come real close. The only difference is that she didn't make them and I would prefer that. This is the fourth bakery I have ordered nutrolls from and though the others were good, I kept searching. I will order from this sight from now on. I don't usually write reviews either, but these were good.
Rose Mary Hendrix
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
10/26/2012 - 07:24:31 PM
Customer Testimonials
I grew up in Westmoreland county Pa. I holiday wasn't complete without nut rolls and apricot cookies. I found your site and ordered.
Yesterday your wonderful products arrived and forget Thanksgiving they had to be sampled immediately!!
My 93 year old Mother was in heaven. "Just like Home" Which is the highest praise you can get.
The nut roll was so full and rich in taste, the pecan tassies tasted so buttery and full of flavor. The apricot cookies and roll was beyond heaven.. This might have been my first order but certainly not my last.
Mom said this is what I want for my Christmas present.
Thank you for a wonderful product and putting a smile on the face of a blind 93 year old!!!!!
Dana Leasure
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
10/26/2012 - 07:19:44 PM
Customer Testimonials
What a surprise it was for my Big Brother to receive the delicious nut rolls I sent to him in Ohio. I came across this bakery while in Pittsburgh for a wedding this past summer, I now live in Virgina. We grew up in this area and our Mother made nut rolls that we enjoyed along with our friends. I have to say that the nut rolls made at Butter Maid are very similar. I certainly will be ordering more goodies from Butter Maid Bakery.
Patty Carr
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
10/26/2012 - 07:01:37 PM
Customer Testimonials
I am originally from Campbell, Ohio. I've lived in Texas for 30 years. I was so happy when I came across Butter Maid Bakery. I decided to try some Kolachi, it is delicious. It came all the way from Ohio and tasted like it was baked the same day. I will continue to order from Butter Maid Bakery.
Angela G, Irving TX
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
10/26/2012 - 07:00:38 PM
Customer Testimonials
I can't believe how wonderfully fresh and moist my poppyseed kolache rolls tasted when I received them in Atlanta only 2 days after ordering them. It was almost as though they were just baked the same day. My grandmother would bake poppyseed, nut and lekvar kolache for Easter and Christmas as part of our family tradition. If she was alive today she would have to agree that Butternaids' poppyseed kolache tastes (almost...haha) better than hers!!!. I had been anxiously awaiting my shipment and when I received the package, I ate a whole kolache myself before unpacking the box....thanks so much for bringing back "sweet" memories!!! You have a new raving fan!
Michelle Muransky
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
10/26/2012 - 06:56:41 PM
Customer Testimonials
Never could have expected the awesomeness I received! I ordered 3 nut rolls, and so far, my order has been delicious. They were shipped Monday morning, and I received them Tuesday. They were fresh, and still are, and they taste mostly what I'm used to (you know each family recipe is going to be slightly different). Doesn't matter, they are DELICIOUS!!! I will be ordering through you guys for a long time!
Valerie G
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
10/26/2012 - 06:54:56 PM
Customer Testimonials
I ordered several nut and poppy seed rolls for myself and for gifts for the first time this year, and they were awesome. Everyone that received them thought they were great too. They were packaged well, stay fresh, etc. I only found your website by accident while looking for recipes for old fashioned Polish nut rolls, because I thought about trying to make this year, and there is no way mine would have come out this good. We will definitely have more orders in the future! Thanks again and Happy New Year!
Allen & Denise S. - Mason, OH
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
10/26/2012 - 06:48:59 PM
Customer Testimonials
Just to let you know, the kolaches arrived on 5/26, and were waiting for us when we got to my Dad's from the airport. They were wonderful, and a great memory to share with my Dad and siblings. Thanks again.
Sue, MI
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
10/26/2012 - 06:47:00 PM
Customer Testimonials
Your kolachi and muffins were delicious as usual. I am originally from Youngstown so I know how good your bakery is. After tasting your products last year I now have some friends here in Minnesota ordering from you too. Thank you so much!!!
Marybeth F, Apple Valley, MN
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
10/26/2012 - 06:45:04 PM
Custmoer Testimonials
I am pleased with the nut rolls. These are the closest I can get to my grandmother's walnut and poppyseed rolls. We are Hungarian and walnut and poppyseed rolls were among my favorite Hungarian pastries. Thanks.
Mike V., Spokane, WA
Reviewed by valesmr
04/11/2012 - 09:38:12 AM
Poppyseed and Nut Rolls
My Crotian grandma made these nut rull every year for Christmas, the nut roll is right on perfect...................... The poppyseed was really good, but I like more poppyseed in mine, just a personal preference. I have never been able to find these rolls close to my Grandma's, but now I have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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