Apple Cinnamon Jam Kolachi Cookies aka Kiffles

Apple Cinnamon Jam Kolachi Cookies aka Kiffles
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Meet your new favorite cookie - Apple Cinnamon Jam. Fresh apples and real cinnamon in every mouthwatering bite of sweet cream butter made cookie. It's a highly addicting new version of the popular old world flavors of walnut and apricot kolachi cookies, also available in the large Apple Cinnamon Jam Kolachi Rolls.

PLEASE NOTE: You may experience breakage of kolachi cookies due to shipment. They travel best in cool or mild conditions. This does not affect the quality of the cookies, they are always guaranteed to arrive fresh.

Size: Handmade cookies vary in size & weight, approximately 3" long, 12-18 cookies per roughly 10 oz box.

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I have been searching for nut rolls this good for many years. My mother used to bake them and they were outstanding. I have usually been disappointed when I purchased nut rolls and they were not very good. These nut rolls from Butter Maid Bakery are exactly what I have been searching for. They are soooo good. I gave them a 10 rating and there ...
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Absolutely love your products. My husband is Hungarian and his mom used to make. She passed away before I met him so I never tasted these but he says your product is the best. I have tried other bakeries and for sure your products are the best. This is my third order. My children and their families love them as well.
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I am currently deployed and received an amazing care package with M & M, Peanut butter, Chocolate Chunk, and Smile cookies. They were an amazing taste of home and didn't last long in my office. Thank You so much for your support and for those who donated. The cookies were absolutely AMAZING!!!
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