Chocolate PECAN Kolachi Roll

Homemade Chocolate Pecan Kolachi Rolls - Cokolada Cokoladna Nut Potica
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Chocolate pecan kolachi is an awesome seasonal flavor that instantly became my new favorite. Like peanut butter & jelly, it's such a great combination. The chocolate & pecan is perfectly balanced to form a rich, sweet and creamy filling. To make our filling we grind fresh pecans from a family farm in Georgia, and use the best Royal Dutch cocoa from Switzerland that we can get our hands on. It's the first nut kolachi that isn't walnut based.

Each roll comes whole, not sliced - about 14" long. Slice to preferred thickness, usually between 18-28 slices. May freeze up to 6 months.


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Product Reviews

Reviewed by Susan
09/26/2018 - 04:59:25 PM
It’s a no brainer. Never, ever use walnuts if you can use pecans. No comparison!!
Reviewed by Sharon B
01/21/2018 - 06:29:36 PM
I purchased the chocolate and pecan kolachi and purchased it a second time because it is simply delectable! The ratio of chocolate to pecans and the soft, moist and flavorful dough makes the kolachi purely delicious! My family and myself go crazy over this. I will be purchasing much more from Butter Maid Bakery. I am Croatian and am used to homemade baked goods so it's nice to know that there's a family that makes the products and that they are fresh and incredible tasting. The shipping is very fast and the packaging is very secure as well.
Reviewed by Tiffany M.
11/03/2017 - 07:09:54 PM
Awesome alternate flavor
We have been customers of Buttermaid for more than a year, and I wanted to branch out and try the chocolate pecan. We were not disappointed! It's absolutely delicious and I highly recommend it. :)
Reviewed by Linda nugent
11/01/2017 - 12:12:21 PM
Wish you made these year round.
Reviewed by dough
10/25/2017 - 12:04:22 PM
Chocolate pecan roll
Wow! So good i had to get more. So good that I had to cut a piece for breakfast. Thanks for making this one!
Reviewed by clancy
10/25/2017 - 10:05:10 AM
Just like Grandma's
Loved this nut roll. It tasted just like the ones my grandmother and I made when I was growing up. Brought back great memories. Highly recommend. I will be buying as Christmas gifts this year.
Reviewed by sajean52
sajean52 bought "Chocolate PECAN Kolachi Roll" on our website
10/24/2017 - 11:57:48 AM
Omg chocolate pecan!!
Out of this world!!!! Absolutely delicious.. sorry I didn’t buy more!!
Reviewed by Bzy Lady
10/20/2017 - 01:48:00 PM
Chocolate Pecan Kolachi Roll
They arrived in perfect condition. I have frozen them until Thanksgiving. So, so far so good
Reviewed by Linda
10/19/2017 - 07:05:23 PM
Love it!
Love the chocolate and the pecan. Not everyone likes walnuts so I am very happy with this one.
Reviewed by serjakl
serjakl bought "Chocolate PECAN Kolachi Roll" on our website
10/19/2017 - 05:58:42 PM
Excellent as Usual
First time I purchased Chocolate Pecan and it was just as excellent as any of the other Kolachi's I have purchased from Butter Maid in the past. I think that it is a close second to my all time favorite - Walnut or the Honey Walnut.
I am so happy that I found Butter Maid - it is local to where I grew up and it always brings back fond memories of the Kolachi my family used to make - sadly to say they have all passed away
Reviewed by Lovey Naymik
10/18/2017 - 11:30:03 PM
Oh My Goodness!
When I was growing up, there was no such thing as chocolate nut rolls. We had walnut and poppy seed. That's it. Not that I minded. It was all I knew! The chocolate walnut and the chocolate pecan are as good as my Baba and mother would have made if they had thought of using chocolate. The memories your nut rolls evoke bring tears to my eyes. Thank you so much!
Reviewed by Kirk Casterline
10/18/2017 - 11:39:42 AM
Hope you bring it back soon Loved it.
Reviewed by Bonnie Scott
10/12/2017 - 02:27:39 PM
This was a good choice for me...a good blend of pecan and chocolate. My second favorite in the order I just received.
Reviewed by Barbara Peggs
10/11/2017 - 03:34:12 PM
I have tried to make these, mine were good, but yours are exactly like the family used to make. So happy I now know where I can get them without my baking them. Keep up the good job.
Reviewed by Christina Bankovic
10/03/2017 - 11:46:34 AM
Almost got mugged!!!
Shared some of my chocolate pecan kolach with some of my aqua aerobics colleagues at the gym here on Saint Simons Island, Georgia. Everyone loved it, word spread, and got deluged with people asking for a taste! When I ran out, people kept after me for days to get more. I gave them Butter Maid's website instead!!!!!!
Reviewed by Carl Hobi
09/25/2017 - 11:04:02 PM
So excited to be sitting here in Kansas City eating the Chocolate Pecan Kolachi Roll. :) It is as delicious as I thought it would be. I am from Pittsburgh and I really miss my Grandma's nut rolls that she would make all the time. Thanks for a great fresh product.
Reviewed by Facebook_Reviews
03/31/2016 - 07:29:18 PM
Absolutely fabulous!
All my life I thought my Mom's kolochi was the best ever...and I still do think that. However, these kolochi are absolutely fabulous!! I purchased 7 for Easter and sent all family members home with a nice variety of flavors. Everyone loved them and were loving the chocolate ones! Mom never made those! The nut and poppy seed are just so delicious. It's funny that I live in Denver now but grew up in Hubbard, Ohio and have to order from Boardman to get the perfect kolochis! Youngstown should be the Kolochi capital! Thank you for making them the correct, old fashioned way. They are yummy! Sue Sperko
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We received the Pumpkin Walnut Roll today & it's almost gone! It is delicious! So very good like the pastries in the Czech bakeries in West, Texas. We'll be ordering more!
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I received the walnut, poppy seed and apricot kolachi as a gift. I really must say that this is the best kolachii have tasted since my grandmother's holiday celebrations!!! Grandmom passed in 1970... just one bite and I was back at grandma's playing with all of the cousins and enjoying this wonderful traditional Eastern European treat!!! Thank ...
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