Nut & Seed Kolachi Variety

Nut & Seed Kolachi Variety
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For a limited time, indulge in our best selling nuts and traditional poppy seed.

What you get:
  • (4) - 12 oz half kolachi rolls. Two each of The Original Walnut, and one each of Pecan and Poppy Seed.
  • Net weight 48 oz.
  • Individually wrapped
  • Each half roll is about 7" long. Slice to preferred thickness, usually between 9-14 slices.
  • May freeze up to 6 months.

Product Reviews

Our Customers Say...

My grandparents lived in Struthers, OH. My Grandma made Kolachi Poppy Seed and Nut Roll along with Clothes Pin Cookies every year for Christmas. (She used actual clothes pins too) She kept the Kolachi and cookies under the "tea towel" in the kitchen. I was always sneaking in for one or the other! I usually got caught every time, but I guess ...
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I, too, am of Hungarian decent. My Nagymama (grandmother) made kolachi for the holidays. My mother tries to duplicate her recipe but it's just not the same. I stumbled upon your bakery on line. I'm not even sure what directed me but I believe Nagymama had something to do with it. I ordered the poppy seed and walnut kolachi. I am SO IMPRESSED at ...
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Oh my goodness...I AM SO HAPPY I FOUND YOU!!! It was a fluke that I saw your add in my Face Book page and never do I choose to click on these ads BUT I clicked on yours and I am SO GLAD I DID. My ancestors are mostly Eastern European (a lot of Polish especially) and I saw some things I haven't had since my mother and grandmother used to bake ...
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