Specialty Nut Kolachi Roll Variety

Specialty Nut Kolachi Roll Variety
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Retail Price: $50.00
Sale Price: $47.99
Product ID : nut-roll-kvar01
4 half rolls

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For a limited time try a specialty nut kolachi variety package of our best sellers! Send a delicious gift of our favorite sweet, rich & creamy walnut fillings wrapped up in our homemade buttery dough.

What you get:
  • (4) - 12 oz half kolachi rolls. One each of Honey Walnut, Apple Cinnamon Walnut, Chocolate Walnut, Raspberry Walnut.
  • Net weight 48 oz. (The same size and weight as 2 whole kolachi rolls)
  • Individually wrapped
  • Each half roll is about 7" long. Slice to preferred thickness, usually between 9-14 slices.
  • May freeze up to 6 months.

Product Reviews

Reviewed by Joe
07/22/2019 - 04:25:58 PM
First Time Order
This was my first experience in ordering from your Bakery. The Items arrived fresh and delicious !
The taste exceeded my expectations !
Reviewed by Sharen
07/22/2019 - 07:53:41 AM
Nut Kolachi
My grandmother used to make kolachi every holiday, it was the best. She passed the recipe down and I have made it but it never came out as good as hers, so when a friend gave me a sample of your product memories flooded through. My husband and I love it and I will definitely be placing an order. I will also be taking a drive to your bakery the next time I am in town in October.
Reviewed by Rosemary
07/01/2019 - 01:02:34 PM
Surprise Package???
I love all of your products. They are delicious. My only problem is that it would be very helpful to know what I am opening since I usually order multiple packages and this IS a variety pack. Please. Just a sticker label will do.
Reviewed by ernieazar
ernieazar bought "Specialty Nut Kolachi Roll Variety" on our website
06/27/2019 - 11:11:12 AM
Nut roll variety
I like the variety pack because you get to sample the different ones. I don’t care for the poppyseed roll but nut rolls are our favorite
Reviewed by Rich Bednar
06/24/2019 - 09:40:39 AM
Such a treat
Love it. Taste just like my aunt used to make!
Reviewed by ernieazar
ernieazar bought "Specialty Nut Kolachi Roll Variety" on our website
06/04/2019 - 03:42:43 PM
Nut roll
My daughter was very appreciative of the nut Rolls we sent her
Reviewed by Robin
05/24/2019 - 01:47:01 PM
Nut variety
Honey Nut was my favorite. Other ones didn't have much flavor.
Reviewed by Steryl
05/21/2019 - 07:58:25 PM
She loved it
Reviewed by David
05/18/2019 - 06:29:39 PM
First time I ordered and everything was delicious my only other comment is that each one of the packages should be labeled so you know what each one is. I would definitely order again!
Reviewed by Virginia A Heywood
04/27/2019 - 09:32:34 PM
Specialty But Kolachi
We were absolutely thrilled with this product. Husband bought from you guys whole life, except when his Grandmother made at home. He moved from Youngstown 35 years ago & talked about your Kolachi all the time. When I saw the advertisement on FB I had to order. He was so surprised & thrilled when the order arrived. Thank you for still making it like you always did. We are looking forward to the next order!
Reviewed by Fern forman
04/27/2019 - 12:20:01 PM
I love the poppyseed and all the other flavors. I will be ordering more. I also gave some out for gifts. They loved them also. I highly recommend them. Thank you so much for your quick delivery also.
Reviewed by Teddie
04/25/2019 - 07:18:07 PM
A hit on Easter
These were great. Everyone absolutely loved them!
Reviewed by tk72tk72
tk72tk72 bought "Specialty Nut Kolachi Roll Variety" on our website
04/24/2019 - 07:55:25 PM
12oz half kolachi rolls
fantastic---had we know of the bakery years ago, goodies would made a trip to Akron(cousin liked donuts); coming home to PA. one more stop to bring some home. Will order again!!!!
Reviewed by adevries
04/24/2019 - 11:42:39 AM
Wonderful Products
I bought two of the Variety Packs to send to friends for Easter. They said they were absolutely wonderful. Next order will be for us since we love them as well. Thank you for a wonderful tasting product.
Reviewed by Jo-Ann Brown
04/24/2019 - 09:41:38 AM
Best in years!
I ordered your Kolacha for the first this Easter. I am 78 years old and this is the Best our family has had in most if my lifetime. Evan better than my own homemade. Congratulation! On top of that it was so easy to order and it can in perfect condition! Thank you. You’ll be getting a Christmas order. Or, just might order sooner. Yum!
Reviewed by Janet M
04/22/2019 - 12:44:33 AM
Dad loves them!
He has Lewy body dementia and has to eat puréed food. The nut meats are ground very fine, so it allows me to add almond milk to them to make them a pudding consistency so that he can eat them. He smiles at every bite! Thanks for making him happy!
Reviewed by Cindy L
04/19/2019 - 09:31:10 PM
Kolachi variety pack
Bought as gifts for neighbors. Looked delicios and very filled.
Reviewed by Kirk - Ravenna, Ohio
04/18/2019 - 09:19:58 AM
1st Time Customer
The variety pack kolachi rolls were all very delicious. I would buy again. Those that I shared them with were delighted to try them and also enjoyed them. The Raspberry Walnut was the top pick as was the chocolate. ALL were very moist, delicious, tasty and wonderful ! If I had one not so positive comment it would be that the Apple Cinnamon Walnut was not very "appley or cinnamony" in my opinion. I was only slightly disappointed in that. But again, it was delicious as it was. Nothing went to waste. So it might be me and I was expecting more as compared to how raspberry the raspberry walnut one was. Thank you for such a positive on-line buying experience. Everything went very smoothly.
Reviewed by Enid
04/17/2019 - 06:23:11 PM
The nut rolls were really yummy and enjoyed by all. I was a bit disappointed however because I wanted to re-order Poppy Seed and pressed the wrong button! They were a nice surprise!
Reviewed by Beverly Gibson
04/06/2019 - 10:08:54 AM
Varity pack
Nut rolls were very good. I just wish they were labeled.
Reviewed by Sharon
04/03/2019 - 01:57:31 PM
Variety Nutrolls
My friends and family loved the original, so I wanted everyone to try the variety. Noone was disappointed. Thank you!
Reviewed by Roy Smoot
02/24/2019 - 11:34:57 AM
How many ways is there to say "Great"
My grandmother passed the making of Kolachi rolls to my mother, who then passed it on to my sister. Anyone that has ever made Koliachi rolls know how labor intensive it is.Then when it became my turn , I went online and found this bakery's website and ordered them. Everyone agrees it meets that family standards and we get free shipping when we ordered enough. The quality and packing in vacuum packed bags we have come to appreciate.
Reviewed by Jim Borus
02/23/2019 - 04:03:34 PM
First Time Customer
Great way to sample your product. All tasted great. Look forward to future orders.
Reviewed by Larry Hess
02/13/2019 - 09:44:56 AM
Childhood MEMORIES!
I can't believe how much this takes me back to the days when my Mom used to make these. And, I won't repeat this to my Mom, but they're just as good, only lacking that big Mom smile when I bit into it, and told her how much I loved it! Didn't even know a place like this existed until my Wife found it, and NOW, this is the place for REAL DESSERT! Thank YOU!
Reviewed by mrskichinko
mrskichinko bought "Specialty Nut Kolachi Roll Variety" on our website
06/16/2018 - 02:02:19 PM
Very Clever Idea!!
What a clever way to introduce these delicious Kolachi roll flavors! Each one was vacuumed-packed to insure absolute freshness. I know what we'll be giving people for Christmas this year! I only wish each one had been labeled so we knew what flavor each one was before we cut into it.
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