Specialty Nut Kolachi Roll Variety

Specialty Nut Kolachi Roll Variety
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Retail Price: $50.00
Sale Price: $39.99
Product ID : nut-roll-kvar01
4 half rolls

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For a limited time try a specialty nut kolachi variety package of our best sellers! Send a delicious gift of our favorite sweet, rich & creamy walnut fillings wrapped up in our homemade buttery dough.

What you get:
  • (4) - 12 oz half kolachi rolls. One each of Honey Walnut, Apple Cinnamon Walnut, Chocolate Walnut, Raspberry Walnut.
  • Net weight 48 oz. (The same size and weight as 2 whole kolachi rolls)
  • Individually wrapped
  • Each half roll is about 7" long. Slice to preferred thickness, usually between 9-14 slices.
  • May freeze up to 6 months.

Product Reviews

Reviewed by Larry Hess
02/13/2019 - 09:44:56 AM
Childhood MEMORIES!
I can't believe how much this takes me back to the days when my Mom used to make these. And, I won't repeat this to my Mom, but they're just as good, only lacking that big Mom smile when I bit into it, and told her how much I loved it! Didn't even know a place like this existed until my Wife found it, and NOW, this is the place for REAL DESSERT! Thank YOU!
Reviewed by mrskichinko
mrskichinko bought "Specialty Nut Kolachi Roll Variety" on our website
06/16/2018 - 02:02:19 PM
Very Clever Idea!!
What a clever way to introduce these delicious Kolachi roll flavors! Each one was vacuumed-packed to insure absolute freshness. I know what we'll be giving people for Christmas this year! I only wish each one had been labeled so we knew what flavor each one was before we cut into it.
Our Customers Say...

My order was just delivered by the letter carrier. When he dropped the box off he commented on the name BUTTER MAID BAKERY. I told him they were nut rolls like Mom made. He asked the name again so he could look it up. When he was delivering the rest of the street's mail I cut off a big piece for him and added the magnet you included with all ...
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Received the poppy seed roll from a friend we r both from Pittsburgh area originally. She is in Florida. Soooo good. I ordered for a friend. Originally from Pittsburgh Area. Just got a poppy from my friend again. Hid it from everyone. Ate whole thing. Will be ordering for holidays!! For friends and family. The best!! We r between Pa and S.C
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I wish I could give more stars! Wow what an amazing company!
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