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I placed an order back a month ago, for 1 of my oldest friends. Our children went through 12 years of school and we still remain friends. After the passing of her Husband, I sent her 2 packs of Kiffles and Lady Fingers. I don't believe in flowers. These sweets helped her get through 1 day with a cup of warm tea. She still has more in the ...
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We are from Youngstown, lived there until we moved to Vegas 19 years ago. They don't know what Kolachi is here. For the last couple of years I have been ordering 12 Kolachi's at Christmas. You guys are still the best anywhere. Don't stop making those wonderful baked goods. I really miss your fantastic cakes!!
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I searched high and I searched low A poppy seed or nut roll, was a no-go. Saw an ad for a bakery, in Chicago, one time. I ordered it, it came, was the size of a dime. A picture of one, in Sunday papers looked good. It arrived, was too sweet, didn't taste like it should. My Aunt Wanda, Polish baker, made me spoiled for the ...
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