OFFICIAL TASTE TESTER Stainless Steel Tumbler Travel Mug

NEW "OFFICIAL TASTE TESTER" Stainless Steel Tumbler Travel Mug
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Be our OFFICIAL TASTE TESTER with our new favorite travel mug!  No traveling required... it's our favorite mug with our breakfast Kolachi at home! Great for keeping our coffee hot, and our iced coffee cold. We all use them here at the store and absolutely love them.

The Mug
16oz Stainless Steel mug with double wall stainless steel insulation. Spill proof lid with slide to open. Hand wash only. Dishwasher may damage and take the logo off.

Product Reviews

Reviewed by Pat
08/06/2017 - 12:09:46 PM
I bought two for my grandchildren and it has encouraged them to drink more water because it stays cold for a very long time. They love the logo also.
Our Customers Say...

1. Why did you stop at 10? Your rating should be 100% For the past 5 years I've purchased and enjoyed every single morsel.....Recently after 30 years, I was reunited with a family member who remembered how delicious Mom's nut and poppy seed breads were....Last week I ordered yours; and....she's convinced the breads are better than ...
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We had our 20th Polish Festival on November 4th. Ordered Buttermaid nut rolls and poppyseed rolls to sell at our festival. We cut some up for people to taste. Well, that's all it took. We sold out of everything fast. Will have to definitely increase our order for our festival next year. Thank you all for helping us with this big order. ...
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My grandparents lived in Struthers, OH. My Grandma made Kolachi Poppy Seed and Nut Roll along with Clothes Pin Cookies every year for Christmas. (She used actual clothes pins too) She kept the Kolachi and cookies under the "tea towel" in the kitchen. I was always sneaking in for one or the other! I usually got caught every time, but I guess ...
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