Sending Gifts

Sending  A Lot Of Gifts? We can help!

Whether you're sending to 5 or 500 people, our gifting service makes it super easy to send to your family, friends, and clients.  Just email us the info below and we'll take care of all the details for you. Sending gifts made super simple!


Email Us:


You Must Email Us The Following Information:

Your Info:

1.) Your name & billing address, phone number & good time to reach you. (Please Do Not email your credit card numbers, we will call you and take your payment by phone.)

For Each Order:

1.) Shipping name & address

2.) Here's the fun part! Pick out your favorite products sent to each address. Need help? Ask us in your email and we'll find you sure bets!

Pick out your favorite products!

3.) Gift message (optional)

Got a spreadsheet with this info? (optional) - Awesome! We'll take it!

We'll contact you within 24 hours (one business day) to wrap things up and answer any additional questions you may have.

Our Customers Say...

I would go to montreal canada and buy to bring back but after buying from here no more awsome so fresh and good i have to admit i was surprised the best i have ever had
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Someone send me these and they were great, I learned to make these from my Mother in law, who was Russian She lived in Scranton Pa. I am not able to make them anymore, so this is great that I can order them here
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Dear, I am a major in the Turkish Air Force. We are working together with the US friends in Kabul, Afghanistan. One of them has gifted me your butter maid bakery. It is delicious. Thank you for your efforts. Stay safe. Regards, Ali Nadi √úNAL, Ph.D. Major (OF-3) . TurAF
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