Overall Rating: 98.23%
Average Rating: 9.82/10

Thank you so much for helping us support our troops. Sent your salted caramel cookies to family sexing in Afghanistan. They were over the moon with how tasty the cookies were. Thank you!
Lynda, Silver spring, md
The best bakery on earth! I live in the Atlanta, Georgia area and unfortunately there are no Ethnic bakeries in the area. I’m of Eastern European decent and I crave the pastries and breads like Grandma use to make.
Buttermaid is by far the best I’ve ever had. I order and have it shipped to my home. Everything arrives quickly and it’s always so fresh.
Keep up the great work!
Cindy S., Atlanta, Georgia
I have to echo the common theme in your reviews. My grandparents are from Croatia. My maternal grandmother would bake nut rolls (walnut) and apple strudels for the holidays. Those smells and tastes are a major part of what I remember about the holidays. Someone else mentioned "memory food"; I could not agree more. My mom also made nut rolls after grandma passed away, but never could match grandma's taste. Sadly, the original recipe was not written down. My wife has tried to learn the recipe from my mom and has gone online to try other recipes, but, although she makes very good nut rolls, she has not been able to replicate "grandma's taste". Your nut roll is delicious. I know I will probably never find a taste match for my grandma's original recipe. However, for a bakery that is mass producing the product and shipping it across the country. the taste is unbelievable. I found your site last year about this time and had your nut rolls for the holidays. Thank you for making the holidays even better!

I just tried the apple jam flavor, and it is awesome as well.
Rick C, Greenwood, IN
The walnut roll is exactly like my in laws used to make every holiday. It is simply fantastic. Forever loyal customer!!
Randy, Avon, OH
We are Pennsylvania Russian Orthodox from the Old Country. My Baba and Aunties always made nut rolls for Easter and Christmas and whenever us kids started whining for them to make more!! How wonderful to have found you...for my own family to keep this tradition alive...but also for my beloved friends who are even remotely Eastern European to share your taste of the Old Country with them. Our supply is running low, time to reorder! Keep baking, Baba would love you!
Stephanie Phillips, Albuquerque, New Mexico
This is now our third order of delicious nut roll and poppyseed roll. I am originally from Pittsburgh and really missed these wonderful pastries. Thank you for making these great treats available online.

Ernie & Winnie Turocy
Ernie & Winnie Turocy, Torrance, California
I don't remember sweetness in the nut mixture. I can give you the true Polish recipe if you would like. I had to toss the nut kolache that I ordered because I don't do super sweet! Let me know and I will send you the recipe.
Barbara, Litchfield
I look for kolachi in every bakery I find trying to duplicate the ones I ate at my grandfathers and my fathers bakeries in Cleveland, Ohio many years ago.
Yours are the closest I found. Thank you for keeping the tradition alive.
Linda R, Californis
Christmas of 2017...my niece, PAULA , was on deployment in Syria. She left behind a 2 year old son and husband, who also serves the Army. I sent several boxes over , for not only for her, but for her troop. She wrote to thank me saying: Thank You, Auntie Donna, we loved the cookies! They were delicious and on New Year's Eve as we all sat around a bonfire, we welcomed the new year in with toasts of HOT CHOC. and the most delicious cookies we have tasted in a very long time! They all appreciated your act love and remembering them at this time of year! Everyone of them were ate....and we had lots of them!!! Thank you again, Auntie, keep those prayers coming, we need them! Love you, PAULA The cookies you sent to them was worth every penny we paid to get them there. Thank you for this special service you and workers provide for our veterans that are sacrificing everything for our freedoms. God Bless, Donna
Donna J Higginson, Weldon Spring, MO
I am originally from the Youngstown,OH area and was thrilled when my sister sent a wonderful package from Buttermaid Bakery at Christmas time!!! Even more thrilled when I found out I could order Kolachi, about 12 different flavors, and have them delivered too my home in Port St.Lucie,FL because when I mentioned Kolachi to people in Florida they looked at me like I had two heads!!!
Betty J. Panella , Port Saint Lucie,FL

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I grew up in Pennsylvania and Judy Jean Pastries made the "nut roll". I have since moved away and they have closed. I have been searching for the specific taste and The Butter Maid Bakery has it. As soon as I took the first bite of the Kolachi all the memories of home and my mother came flooding back to me. As a special treat add a slice of ...
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Great Navy Cookies I had you send my grandson 10 DOZEN cookies! He is on the destroyer USS Bainbridge (DDG 96) and he said the cookies lasted 15 minutes! Thanks so much for what you do. The packages from "home" are so appreciated by our soldiers, sailors and all the military. Bless you all.
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The highest rating is 10, I would give you a 20 if I could, loved the nut roll. My mother in law used to buy nut rolls every christmas, and over the years have forgotten about the nut roll. I happened on your web site and thought I would give it a try and so glad I did. My husband who doesn't impress easily also loved the nut roll. Keep up ...
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