Overall Rating: 98.14%
Average Rating: 9.81/10

I've tried a couple of other stores that ship similar "kolachi" - in Hungarian we call them "bejgli" - but even though the Butter Maids look a bit different from the Hungarian, they are better tasting than the Hungarian ones! They arrive moist and sweet, and taste wonderful even after weeks of being frozen and then thawed out.
I can just taste my mother's home-baked bejgli when I eat these!
My favorite is the poppy-seed, followed by the walnut, and I guarantee you will not likely find a Hungarian who would disagree!
Peter, Mississippi
Wow! What a delicious treat! I know how labor intensive it is to make traditional nut rolls like my Russian grandmother used to make. I ordered two Kolachi rolls for my 93 year old mother and one of the low sugar nut rolls for those in the family who have diabetes. They arrived freshly baked and nicely packaged within a few days. We tried them and are more than 100% satisfied. Will be ordering more from you on a regular basis.
Connie, Schenectady, NY
I grew up eating these in Western Pa. Moved to the Northeast area about 40 years ago and this area is primarily Pennsylvania Dutch. Nobody even knew what I was talking about. These are exactly as I remember, the real deal!! Don't change a thing, they are delicious. I ordered one for Christmas and will definitely be ordering more.
Debby, New Columbia, Pa
My Czech friends Kozzie and Haschke would bring slices of these to school in their lunches and now I can order them without any muss or fuss (or stealing from my friends lunches) Thanks Butter Maid!
nicholas, CHANDLER AZ
My grand mother and Uncle Bob made poppy seed and nut roll every holiday. After they passed we occasionally receive some from small bakeries in Pennsylvania. Your roll is actually better than my grandmother and Uncle Bob's! (They didn't add as many nuts) My cousin ordered this for me as a surprise and now I'm hooked. I need to try the prune as my grandmother used to make one prune just for me. Thanks!
Debbie Rood, Okatie, SC
Been dreaming my way through my first order of honey nut, original nut, and poppy seed roll. Cheap time travel back to the joys of my long gone mother's and grandmother's kitchens. If anything, the Butter Maid stuff is even better than what we had as kids all those decades ago. Worth every cent. Another order just submitted.
Wackezoid, Las Vegas, NV
This is my 2nd order and as before I am extremely pleased. First, these goodies are from my home state of Ohio ❤️❤️.
Second, I am currently in a VA rehab hospital and placed an order for the nursing staff and other veterans.
Third, these were enjoyed by all and gobbled up quickly.
Of course, I told everyone these are from the best bakery in Ohio !!!
Thank you for another fabulous order!!!
Stephanie, Waco, TX
Just received my honey nut roll and it's delicious, packed with nuts.Ordered on the 12th and it was delivered on the 15th. I will recommend your bakery to friends. Thank you and Merry Christmas to you all!
Mary Louise, Pa
Kolachi is absolutely delicious and fresh! Sent as gifts and everybody loves it! I also love the military delivers and I made a donation - thank you so much for offering that service. Looking forward to ordering cookies in the future. The delivery was fast and the product arrived in perfect condition. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Debbie, Ellendale, Delaware
Received my order and these are absolutely delicious I grew up On these and funny thing is that the company is from Ohio not to far from my home town I will keep ordering keep up the good quality
Mary Jo, Bradenton fl

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If you have never ordered from this bakery..you need to. They have the best nut rolls and cookies in the world. Give them a try.
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Ordered them once and they were most excellent. ALMOST as good as my Mom's and Grandma's :0) And apricot is my all time fave, specially when there was some home made butter cream icing to lather on top :0)
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We love their cookie cakes (along with everything else of course) but ever since we had theirs, no others compare.
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