Overall Rating: 98.51%
Average Rating: 9.85/10

Grew up on this bakery's pasteries. I remember the elephant ears 10 cents. Wow have times changed..still no comparison ..have tried many bakeries product.....miss Ytowns!!
Snag, Sheet harbour canada
I used to bake my own nutrolls, but I am 76 and getting tired of that. I ordered last Christmas for the first time. our entire family loved them and now I have 14 in the freezer for this Christmas. MY husband and I had to eat one! I have had walnut, walnut raspberry, poppyseed and apricot. THe walnut is our favorite. THe fillings are very generous which makes them delicious. I must admit my dough is better, since it fresh and so much flakier. I roll my yeast dough in powder sugar which made them very flaky. BUt for store bought rolls these are delicious and I have shared with many friends And everyone agrees.
Joyce roth, Sheridan wy
These baked items taste just like the ones my mother made, even better. The dough is tender and moist and thinner than my mother ever tried to do.
Rosalie Piccola, Pittsburgh, PA
The Kolachi rolls are absolutely fabulous! They are the best rolls I've ever bought since my Grandmother passed away! They bring back such happy memories! Love them!
Jill, Phillipsburg, New Jersey
After all the great comments about these products I was really looking forward to getting my order. But was disappointed. The cookies were very dry like they were old. Too much money for these cookies to not be able to enjoy them. I threw them out.
Pat Miller, Southgate, Michigan
I have ordered so many times that I have lost count.
Your nutrolls are amazing!
I have ordered poppyseed ones, also.
Everyone I have shared them with feels the same.
I wish I could take the credit for baking them myself.
I do take the credit for finding you and sharing your site.
Thanks for offering such a wonderful product.
Anna Marie, Eastlake, Ohio
Some people say "just like Mom's" and I say that's not true. There will never be anything like my Mom's nut roll, it was the best. Mom is gone and it's all in memories now. But, your nut roll, I must say, is now the best!
Ron, Jacksonville, Fl
Married to a Polish person is at times trying to fix foods like Grandma's impossible.
When I found your web site I knew I found the perfect answer. He was so impressed with your nut roll Grandma would be proud.
Thank you .
Carol, Greenwood,SC
I am of Hungarian decent. I haven't had good Kolach (nut rolls) in years. My sister came to visit me in May and I ordered some nut and apricot rolls from Buttermaid Bakery to have during her visit. They were so good and such a treat !!! It bought back old memories of family gatherings around the holidays having nut roll and apricot Kefli's. Now that I found Buttermaid, I can enjoy them any time! Thank you for all your hard work and making me a happy "old" lady.
Brenda Z, Lichfield Park, AZ
There certainly aren't any bakeries in San Francisco that make kolachi. I haven't had it since my Slovak mother made it before she passed away years ago back in Pennsylvania. I found Butter Maid online and was anxious to try it. I ordered the honey nut roll and the apricot cookies which my mother also used to bake. Butter Maid's kolachi and cookies were both so delicious. The dough was tender and light and the filling was ample. I loved my mother's baking but I have to say that Butter Maid's was better! I ordered some for my sister and friends and I'm going to try the raspberry nut, though that wasn't a Slovak traditional flavor. Of course I will get the prune lekvar which I remember well from childhood. How lucky I am to find Butter Maid and be able to enjoy these treats from childhood that bring back such fond memories. Everything was delivered quickly and was very fresh. I am so pleased with Butter Maid.
Claire, San Francisco, California

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Just received my order,Better than I expected..So very good,brings back memories. My husband is from Niles Ohio, his mother use to make this, Your Bakery is the best,Hope to come there sometime and pick up several for gifts! Thank You for amazing product!!
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My Testimonial is somewhat incomplete, as I actually haven't even opened, or tasted, my Nut Roll, but if it tastes anything similar to the outstanding customer service I have already experienced, it will be outstanding!! I feel as though I already know Amy, who baked my Nut Roll, and can only tell those of you who are contemplating buying ...
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Very impressed with everything. Their presentation is lovely. The clothes pin cookies excellent. The filling is more than yummy. The apricot cookies also to die for. Shipped very quickly. Definitely a new customer. I'll diet next year. LOL Live life now.
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