Overall Rating: 98.61%
Average Rating: 9.86/10

My day just got infinitely better. I <3 Theresa and the folks at Butter Maid.
Richell Slepetz, Herndon Heights, VA
I read the reviews but was skeptical so I sent some nut roll and cookies to the family guinea pig, my 28-year-old son and asked if they were as good as Grandma's. Based on his overwhelmingly positive review (he ate the whole box of apricot kiffels in 1 day), I took the plunge and ordered nut roll and kiffels for my difficult-to-please German mother in Pennsylvania for her 88th birthday. I was astonished...She's given your products a 2-thumbs up review! Thanks for making an old lady supremely happy and putting me in the position of having finally done something right!
Joanne, Punta Gorda, FL
I have been ordering for a few years now for both myself and my children. I no longer bake Hungarian Cookies, or Kolach myself, so I was so happy to find a company that did. I always try to let them know that I have received my order and also it's condition at the time I received it.
One of my first orders came through, crushed tho' still edible, took pictures of the damaged kolach and Butter Maid replaced the whole order, much to my surprise. They even added a new coffee cup and a few of their chocolate chip cookies. Never before has that happened with any other company that I have dealt with.
Thanx so much to the Owners and Staff for building such a good relationship with your customers. Audrey
Audrey R. Neal, Riverview FL
Your Kolachi's are the best I have ever had save the ones my grandmother used to bake many years ago. I think it would be a draw between yours and hers. She learned how to make from my Great Grandmother who immigrated from Czechoslovakia/Bohemia around 1900. Yours are true to the traditional "old world" bakeries. She had several "secret recipes" which she only handed
down to certain people. Growing up in Cleveland Ohio there were many "ethnic" bakeries, but alas many are gone now. I can fondly remember coming home in the winter and walking into a house teeming with the smell of fresh baked good, pies, bread,kolachi, nut and sweet rolls,etc My Grandmother would pick a day to bake and my mother would go downtown shopping leaving her bake a plethora of goodies.

Living here in South Florida there is a dearth of great bakeries especially in the type of goods you bake. What goods I can get/buy here are a 3 or a 4 on your rating scale.
A friend of mine sent me your information. I logged onto your site and was amazed. I have not seen anything like this since I was a boy. ( I'm 67) My relative, from Germany and Hungary made these for Christmas and Easter. Many of them have passed since then and I was surprised to see what is exactly the desert they had prepared. So happy to have been given your address. You can rest assured that I will be ordering quite a few more soon. My daughter had never tasted anything as good as your products that I purchased. Thank you again for making me feel like a kid again and will be looking to do more business with you. Thank you everyone for such a great product.

Michael Wurst
Michael, Kissimmee, Fl
I had never eaten a Kolachi Nut roll before. They lived up to all my expectations when I received my first order. Living alone, it takes me a while to eat three rolls, but just before I finished the last one, I ordered my second order. They are here already so I will never be without Kolachi again! Thanks you all your workers who put so much love into making these rolls.
Ron Demery, Joplin, MO
My first order was quick to arrive and the best walnut roll since grandma made hers a long time ago. Kolachi were out of this world too!
I will definitely order again.
This is my 2nd order with Butter Maid Bakery. I've tried other places before finding Butter Maid Bakery and I can honestly tell you they're the BEST. The taste of their kolachi rolls are 2nd to none. My last order was 3 honey walnut and 2 original walnut. My order arrived within a few days even though I picked free shipping. When I opened the box I was short one of the originals I ordered. I sent them a quick email and got an immediate response. They apologized and sent me the missing original kolachi roll. I had within 2 days! Not only are their kolachi rolls the best, their Customer service is AWESOME! I won't go anywhere else but Butter Maid Bakery.
Jeremy Williams, Wadsworth Ohio
ButterMaid Bakery had the BEST kolachi and cookies I have EVER tasted. I order for everyone in my family. You will NOT be disappointed - try BUTTERMAID BAKERY!!!
Nikki Rafferty, Akron, OH
I tasted an original kolachi at Christmas. It was awful. Way too sweet and the filling was too wet. It was as if they put too much corn syrup in it. I also had the low sugar also. I didn't care for it either for basically the same reason. I love kolachi and consider myself a connoisseur. Sorry but I am not impressed and the price is ridiculous.
Jennifer Smith

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I ordered Kolachi cookies for my mother's 85th birthday with the hopes that they would be like the ones her Hungarian mother used to make when she was young. She LOVED them and said they were exactly like the ones her mother made. We were so impressed with how quickly they shipped and how delicious they were.
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I grew up in Pennsylvania and Judy Jean Pastries made the "nut roll". I have since moved away and they have closed. I have been searching for the specific taste and The Butter Maid Bakery has it. As soon as I took the first bite of the Kolachi all the memories of home and my mother came flooding back to me. As a special treat add a slice of ...
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Great Navy Cookies I had you send my grandson 10 DOZEN cookies! He is on the destroyer USS Bainbridge (DDG 96) and he said the cookies lasted 15 minutes! Thanks so much for what you do. The packages from "home" are so appreciated by our soldiers, sailors and all the military. Bless you all.
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