Overall Rating: 98.77%
Average Rating: 9.88/10

Everything I have ordered is very good .
Janice, Goose Creek, SC
Just got my Poppy seed Kolachi. They asked me to grade it on a scale of 1-10 I wish I could give it an 11. My mother made Kolachi for years and since her passing I have been hunting for that same flavor, texture, and quality. Butter Maid has it. And they have a new generation in love with it as well, because my grandchildren love it too.
Tim, Hopewell, Va
My husband found this advertisement on facebook and thought we would give it a try since the reviews were excellent. In the past years, we purchased our rolls from a local bakery. We took the plunge!! They are beyond phenomenal. The shipment, the packaging was superb. I called the company prior to placing my order and their customer service is excellent!! Since the rolls were for the holidays, we were a bit skeptical but we will be purchasing them forever. They are filled to the MAX and the dough is melty, buttery not chewy or doughy at all. In other words, they are everything and more. You may think they might be a bit on the pricey side but I will say this - they are worth every penny and then some. Do not hesitate to purchase these. We had the walnut, poppy seed, apricot and the pumpkin walnut - all unbelievable. I see, by the reviews that they have cookies. I will definitely have to look into those. I don't believe there is any bakery out there that can compare to Butter Maid's products. So happy we found you!!
Annie, Bethlehem, PA
Just like my grandmother and then my mother used to make. Absolutely delicious. Worth every penny. Will definitely be purchasing again for my family and for gifts . Thank you!
Susanne Reed Heitzenrater, Warminster, PA
My mom use to make the nut and poppies seed rolls. When she passed away my sister-in-law kept the tradition going. Since the passing of my brother and my sister-in-law relocating I thought that was the end of my nut bread. (I am not that great in the kitchen). I was lucky enough to stumble on to your site. I took a chance and placed my first order for the holiday. I can tell you that I was so pleased when I got my order.
Brought back so many memories, I can't describe how I felt. I just placed another order and can not wait to get it.
Thanks to all the staff for a great product!
Carol, Conshohocken, PA
Ordered 3 Nut Rolls: 2 Walnut & 1 Chocolate. We try to always have one for Christmas morning, which is when we had the first nut roll (after freezing & defrosting it) and it was delicious! There are only 3 of us & it was gone by day two! Following week, I defrosted the chocolate roll and it was soooo good, think that is my new favorite! Still have one nut roll frozen and cherishing it! I'm a California girl, but husband (of 31 years)is from Pittsburgh area and his grandma used to send us homemade nut rolls every Christmas. We always waited for Christmas morning to have the first one! When she died, my in-laws would send us a couple from the grocery store, but they stopped carrying them and they had to be special ordered. We got 2 of those "special orders" last year and they were so disappointing, too sweet, definitely NOT tasty. Instead of having family spend so much on them & shipping, I tried Butter Maid. So happy(!) to have found them. The only reason I gave them a rating of 9 instead of 10 is that my memories of grandma's homemade nut rolls can never be duplicated in our minds! California bakeries have no idea about these, so this will definitely be our go-to from now on and probably won't just wait for Christmas to order! Everything looks so delicious on the website. Also, being from a military family, I love that they support our troops! Very refreshing!
Tammy, Santa Rosa, Ca
How happy I was to find your bakery!! I grew up in western Pennsylvania with Baba (my Polish grandmother) making these at the holidays and she passed the recipe down to my mother. My mother made them the same way and then passed the recipe down to me. Of course I made them until a few years ago. I am 69 years old and spending hours in the kitchen to cook and bake has gone by the wayside so you can only imagine how excited and happy I was when I found your website and ordered the nutroll, poppyseed, and apricot and found them to be like I remembered from my past. OH SO GOOD!!!! I have placed my second order and am anticipating their arrival. You can be sure as long as you are in business I will be ordering from you (almost any time of the year, not just the holidays) AND I am sharing my find with my family and friends. Thank you!!!
Bernatha, Elizabeth City, NC
My family heritage is Hungarian. Oh how these bring back memories from my childhood. Will order again soon. Well done!
Nila, Chevy Chase
I found out about Butter Maid Bakery when someone on Facebook mentioned it. Being originally from Ohio, I decided to take a chance, after reading some of the testimonials. Growing up, my Hungarian Grandmother made the best "Kolach" (as we call it) and I never thought anyone else could make it like she did. Well, Butter Maid proved me wrong. Our entire family LOVES the poppiseed rolls and walnut rolls. (I ordered enough for everyone the first time around and now have ordered more!)

Love Butter Maid Bakery and their excellent products! Thank you.
Gail Murray, Santa Barbara, CA
With my first order I was a bit skeptical, but I wanted nut kolachi (nut roll) so I ordered two and the cream filled cookies. My order arrived and I dived into the cookies....Yikes they are exactly like I remember from years ago. I ate all of them in three days and didn't share. The kolachi was for Thanksgiving and boy was it a HUGE success our family loved them. I ordered more for Christmas and included poppy seed this time. My cousin loved it so much the she purchased one for herself with my order. She pre-sliced and froze it as she wanted a treat and yes, it's gone already. I have one nut kolachi left in the freezer and it too is calling me and I know I'll be ordering again when it's gone. Wonderful product. You guys are amazing. I'm so glad I saw your ad online. I am one happy customer!
Denise, Griffith, Indiana

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I am originally from Ohio been here in Arizona 10 yrs cannot find nut roll out here anywhere. So glad I can order now. People don't even know what kolachi is. Crazy
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When i grew up in NJ we were able to get the poppy seed Kolachi roll and the walnut, but living in NC could not find it anywhere. so I started to make it, well the ingredients were not available here so i would have to order by the case, which was very expensive plus i had to still make it. It never came out the way I remembered it. But when I ...
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Haven't even ordered yet! But the pics look like how I'd do it! The worst part? If it's as good as it looks I'd better place a double order! Not one doubt I'd eat the whole thing toute suite! lol
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