Overall Rating: 98.64%
Average Rating: 9.86/10

The Kolachi takes my wife back to her home and the Slovak roots. They are such a treat and by far the best I have tasted. Thank you for providing the memories through our tastebuds.
Hal Elliott, Phoenix, AZ
Your nut and poppy seed rolls are the best I have tasted, reminds me of the ones my Grandmother use to make, that I loved so much. They are so good, that I told my parents and uncles about your site and recommended that they buy for Easter. The whole ordering process is great too, it's fast, easy and the rolls come as fresh as ever. Thank You for giving me back a little of my childhood!!!
Sue V, Pittsburgh, PA
After ordering many different varieties (Potica, Povetica, Poticia, Kolaches) from other company’s the Kolachi that Butter Maid Bakery produces is the finest. They are made with the finest natural ingredients and you sure can taste it. The flavor of the Real butter in the delicate pastry and then the burst of flavor from their awesome fillings gives you a truly remarkable experience.
The Prune Lekvar filled one is to die for. The flavor is just amazing and finding any pastries/desserts with prune is so hard to do.

Placing an order is so easy on their website and they offer free shipping if you spend $49.00
Once I placed my order it was shipped the next day and arrived I perfect condition. What a surprise to open the box of spectacular Kolachi’s.

We are so happy with their service and product we will continue to keep ordering over and over again.
Roger Arguel, Holiday Island, AR
I was reared as a second generation slovak. We lived in McKeesport, Pa. My Aunts all baked Kolachis at Christmas and Easter. Yours brought back memories of those days and eating just about all of the cakes and cookies they put out. My parents knew how and what to feed me. Also polished off quite a few nut and poppyseed rolls. My oldest daughter bakes the nut rolls for Christmas and the taste just like yours and my aunts. Thank you very much. MY RATING IS SUPER EXCELLANT ON ALL BAKED GOODS I HAVE TRIED.
John Mihoc, Valentines, Virginia
Walnuts are one of nature's most wonderful foods, rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, omega 3 and 6, fiber...and more and the most wonderful way to eat more of them is Butter Maid's kolachi!
Elaine Whelan, Harleysville PA
Our entire family enjoys the poppy seed rolls--especially our three grandchildren (7, 5, and 3). Whenever they visit (which is often!) the first thing they ask is "do we have any poppy seed?" We think they could eat a whole one all by themselves--they love it so much! We only had poppy seed for the holidays when I was younger living in Pennsylvania from my babci making it and later from the local bakery. We never thought we would find anything close to what we used to enjoy until we found your bakery. Thank you for your hometown spirit, prompt delivery and delicious products. We will certainly order again! Happy Easter!!
Nancy Gembacz, Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin
I called last week and orderd a few nut rolls and tried them ,took them to the Senior center to try these well made order monday evening and WOW they came today I ordered 8 more these are close to mine nut rolls and I m 71 but from now on I will order from Butter Maid. THANK YOU FOR THE GREATEST NUT ROLLS IN THE COUNTRY WE LOVE THEM
GOD BLESS and keep baking Ruthie
Ruthie, Granville WV
My husband was constantly whining about wanting a Poppy Seed Roll like his Mom used to make. I decided to try making one myself. It tasted fine but the poppy seed gushed out the seams and ends. That was the end of my attempt at making one. I did an online search and found your site with all the excellent reviews and decided to order the Poppy Seed and Walnut Kolachi. When they arrived my husband tasted them and couldn't stop smothering me with hugs and kisses. They were so like my mother-in-law's rolls. We will definitely order again and try your other products as well. North Florida definitely does not have any type of bakery that makes this type of product. Thank you for such a great product "Handmade with Love".
Sylvia Balla, Tallahassee, Florida
My order came Monday the 27 of February. I opened the box and got out the poppyseed roll. Sliced a piece and took a bite. Thank you for transporting me back 63 years to my Grandmothers kitchen! I remembered her stretching the dough on the kitchen table, putting the filling in and rolling up this long roll of poppyseed Kolachi. Then dividing those into three or four smaller logs and into the oven they would go! She helped me turn the crank handle on the grinder to prepare the nut filling. And then stretching more dough and filling the dough. Then we cleaned up all the walnut shells we'd cracked for the nuts and had picked through so carefully. All the while the oven baked, we cleaned. Then the moment of thrush! Out the log rolls came, oh, it was so hard to wait while they Cooled down. Then the first slice with a glas of milk! What heaven! And everyday the rolls tasted better! I honestly wept when I took the first taste of your rolls! They were so much like Grandmothers, I almost expected her to join me at the table for a slice and a cup of strong hot tea! Thank you for bringing back my childhood memories so vividly!
These are the best! I'll be ordering again! God Bless you all. Lesley
Lesley O'Flaherty, Pendergrass, Georgia
It had been more than 50 years since I'd tasted kolachi, or even thought about them. Then I saw the Butter Maid ad on the internet. It was like finding a shoebox full of baseball cards in grandpa's attic: my mouth started to water. My grandmother, my mother, and all our Eastern European neighbors used to bake kolachi. We called them by a different name, but now here they were, right in front of me on your website.

I couldn't wait. I ordered three, not just to save postage, but because I wanted to try as many as I could. They are GOOD! My favorites are still the original walnut and the prune (we called it "Lekvar") just as they were 50 years ago. I can't wait to serve them to our upcoming visitors from California where they probably think "kolach" is the name of the governor of Ohio. But when they taste that sweet nut roll, I know they'll agree that Butter Maid's kolachi, by any name, is something special.
Rob, Sea Isle City, NJ

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Thank you for making my Dad's, Father's Day Kolachi a big hit! He and my Mom really were very surprised and enjoyed it very much.
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Just picked up my goodies and not only are your products wonderfully delicious but so is its management...did I happen to mention to you that I have switched to you from Povitica who has a similar online company......I find your walnut, poppyseed rolls much more authentic and shall look forward to doing lots of business with you.
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I had ordered some for my husband for Father's Day and he enjoyed them so much that I ordered them for my daughter for her birthday. She will be very happy! They are so delicious!
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