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Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, my mom would make 'nut rolls' and several wedding cookies over the Christmas holidays.

Thank you for allowing a treasured part of my Mom to live on!
Annette Filippone, Nashville, TN
I have been searching for potica, made for years at the Slovenian Catholic Church (Holy Trinity) in Indianapolis. I decided to give Butter Maid Bakery a try and ordered some to be served for Easter. We were not disappointed. Though the roll is flattened somewhat from being shipped airtight, it's taste is first rate. I shared a loaf with friends and they also thought it was amazing. Just ordered a loaf for my Mom for Mother's Day and Baptism, the next week. Can't wait to hear her response! I expect it will be the same as mine...marvelous.
Brenda, Tumwater, WA
Growing up in a Carpatho-Rusyn family in New York City, I used to help my mom shell and grind walnuts to prepare the kolachy that went into the Easter basket we took to the Orthodox Church to have blessed. I now live on a small island off the Georgia coast where it's too hot to bake stuff, not to mention the long preparation time needed. Another Carpatho-Rusyn family living on nearby Jekyll Island invited me over this past Easter to share their traditional Easter basket meal. When I tasted the nut kolach they served, I almost fainted with joy! It was reminiscent of my mom's. I promptly ordered the walnut, poppy seed, and lekvar (prune butter) kolachy. They are superb. I shared some with people that have never heard of kolachy in this area, and I'm guessing "y'all" will be getting some orders from here.
Christina Bankovic, Saint Simons Island, Georgia
My Hungarian mother & Aunt Mary made these when I was a child. They have both passed away. Then my Italian mother in law used to make a similar version. It is way too much work for her now at 89. So I was very interested when I saw your ad. The nut rolls were delicious as well as the little apricot rolls. I will be ordering again for for my husband & I and for gifts! Thank you.
Regina, Dover, DE
After seeing your ad on Facebook I just had to order!! I've made these for years but moved to Florida 11 years ago so my kids in NH weren't getting them at Christmas time anymore. Decided to try yours and sent each of them 3 rolls for Easter . Got a call from my son saying they were the closest thing to mine he's ever had. My daughter and her family also enjoyed theirs very much. Because of you they won't have to be without another Christmas. I took a roll to a line dance luncheon today and several people have asked for your address so will be spreading that . Thanks for such a great product.
Mary Lou, Hudson, Fl
Taste was great but disappointed in appearance as the shrinkwrapping squished the walnut and poppy seed rolls. You should consider putting them inside a cardboard sleeve!
Ginny Harger, Shelton, CT
All I can say is Thank You....you made an 85 year Mother a very happy woman. She used to make her own with the recipe her Mother made and gave to her. The greatest compliment that she could of given, in which she did was, this is the way my Mother used to make it. The dough was the correct texture and the filling was fantastic with lots of it. You have a long time customer with us.
Sherry Boncek, Hollister, NC
Every Christmas I have made my kolachi recipe but the last two years or so have not found the time to do so as it does take up most of the day. It took me some time to finally decide to order your kolachi. We received our two rolls 2 days ago and have already consumed one. We think it even better than what I've made. Simply delicious...my husband can't get enough! You can be assured we will be ordering often!!
Janet Ann Loew, Leominster, MA
Our daughter bought one of your walnut filled rolls for Easter yesterday! What a treat that was! One of the best I've had. I will be anxious to try some of your other fillings. Do you regularly ship to T-bones in Wexford, Pa or is it just for holidays?
Barbara Gaudio, Sewickley, Pa
I grew up making Slovak Nut Roll with my mom from her mom's recipe. It's a lot of work but the results were worth it! I have passed the tradition in to my children also. I just happened to see your advertisement on fb and ordered Buttermaid this year as time ran out to make my own. IT IS JUST LIKE MY MOMS RECIPE!!!! Without the work! It is delicious!!! The whole family thought it was my recipe!! I will be ordering again!!! Thank you for making my holidays a little easier! ❤️
Jane R, Schaumburg, IL

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I was visiting your business (in the Boardman Mall) over Easter and I purchased a 24 oz Nut Roll. The fact that I make these myself I thought that there would be no way that your product could stand up to my old family recipe. Well, I must admit....it was DELICIOUS! I would purchase again and again!
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My son has been in the military for a year and a half now. I have sent cookies periodically (whenever I have a decent address for him!) He and his buddies say they are absolutely awesome cookies. Their favorites are the M & M cookies. I love the quality and service from this bakery. The people are wonderful and they bake great cookies!
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Our son is deployed to Afghanistan and for his birthday I found your site and ordered 2 dozen cookies; snickerdoodles and ice sugar balloon birthday cookies for him. He so enjoyed them and they arrived soft and delicious!! His words were: "Don't be afraid to do that again!" - Since they arrived fresh and I had wondered if they would take the ...
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