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Can’t seem to find a real bakery of any kind here in Tennessee. Originally from New Jersey and was craving good old pastry and cakes from my youth in the north. I found it at Butter Maid. I can’t say what I like better the Poppyseed or Nut Roll. Both amazingly good. Will keep ordering and will try more items.
Thank you....please keep making great tasting products
Pat Maryin, Bybee, Tenhessee
Being of Polish descent, kolachi has been part of our Christmas tradition since I was a little girl. Now that all of my family have passed, it's been difficult to try to find a good kolachi. This is the first time I ordered the nut kolachi from you. But, it will definitely not be the last. It was, by far, the BEST nut kolachi I have ever purchased. Thanks for bringing back some very good family memories.
Diane Salerno, Somerset,NJ
I was so happy to find a great Kolach (nut roll) that tasted just like the ones my grandmother and Mom used to make. I was the one who cracked open the walnuts and helped grind the walnuts. I have my Mom's recipe and have made them when my children were little. I haven't made them for a long time and have tried to find someone who makes them like my Mom did.
I was overjoyed to find your company. Thank you so much for continuing the baking of these Kolach and bringing back really happy memories.
Joan Linarducci, Linden, NJ
I didn't understand what my husband was describing when he told me about his 'memory' food. I tried to find it but nothing was the right one....until I happened onto your web-site. I wish you could have seen the smile of contentment on my husbands face when he took his first bite. It took him back to his youth in PA. Thank you for this gift and also for your wonderful and personal customer service.
Christy M., Snohomish, WA
I ordered a nut roll for Christmas, wanted to give them a try. After buying nut rolls in grocery stores, and being very disappointed and decided to try from your bakery. They are the best. My Mom made delicious nut rolls and these are as good as hers were. Definitely worth the money and I will order again.
Joan Warren, Washington, Pa
My grandmother and then my mother used to make the nut rolls (we called them strudel)every Christmas. These are the closest I have found to that and they were very good. I bought the Honey Walnut and the Walnut ,it rolls
Gloria Carusi, Peachtree City, GA
I grew up on my grandmothers poppy seed and nut rolls. Sent these to my 86 year old uncle for Christmas and he said they were better than my grandmothers. Thank you so much for making us both happy.
janet capowski, oak ridge,n.j
My family is from Slovenia, is one of the six federated republics of Yugoslavia and is located in the northernmost part of the country. Its capital is Ljubljana. Bordered by Italy, Austria, Hungry, Rumania,& Bulgaria, Greece and Albania.
The original recipe I have I can trace back 6 generations and goes back much further than that. I follow it to a tee. Yours is good, but my dough and your dough, there is a slight difference in the taste of the dough and your nuts are not ground up as fine as mine. It makes it easier to spread the walnut filling once you have your dough rolled out thin . I also let it rise nearly double (about 30-35 minutes) its size once I place the rolls in a pan. Bake 350 degrees for 30-35 minutes or till golden brown. However I will recommend you all to others, because your Poticia is not to bad.
William M. Mosko, Haymarket, Va
Thank you! The kolachi arrived to family & friends for Christmas! You are the best & now I feel like I have a piece of my mom back with us.. they are just like she made them.. Merry Christmas!
Rose, Midlothian VA
My mother would bake the walnut, and the poppy with raisins every month it seemed, but especially for the holidays. I grew up with these and always enjoyed them, usually for breakfast with my coffee. I am very pleased with my order. I will order more in the future. Keep up the good work.
Michael F, Clark, New Jersey

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Taste was great but disappointed in appearance as the shrinkwrapping squished the walnut and poppy seed rolls. You should consider putting them inside a cardboard sleeve!
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After seeing your ad on Facebook I just had to order!! I've made these for years but moved to Florida 11 years ago so my kids in NH weren't getting them at Christmas time anymore. Decided to try yours and sent each of them 3 rolls for Easter . Got a call from my son saying they were the closest thing to mine he's ever had. My daughter and ...
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My Hungarian mother & Aunt Mary made these when I was a child. They have both passed away. Then my Italian mother in law used to make a similar version. It is way too much work for her now at 89. So I was very interested when I saw your ad. The nut rolls were delicious as well as the little apricot rolls. I will be ordering again for for my ...
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