Nut Kolachi Cookies aka Kolacky, Kolaczki, Kiffles


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10 oz Box, 12-18 Cookies

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These highly addicting best selling cookies are an Eastern European tradition we call a walnut kolachi cookie.  They're found on every Wedding Cookie Table, and alongside the apricot cookies and large kolachi nut rolls at every holiday and family gathering. We make our cookies from start to finish, just like Mom and Grandma did.  The homemade dough is what separates this cookie from the rest. It's made with real butter and sour cream, and is addicting on it's own without filling. Each cookie is filled with the same walnut filling as our large kolachi nut rolls. To make our filling we grind fresh California grown English walnuts, straight into our mixing bowl. If these cookies are tradition in your family, they should bring back some sweet memories.

There are many variations of recipes and spellings, with one thing in common -  great family traditions.  We make a variation called nut horns (see wedding cookies page), which are also a very popular seller.  You may know either of these cookies as kolacky, kolaczki, kolachky, or kiffles. Kiffles are a popular term also spelled kifle, kieflie, kiefle, keeflie or kifli - all pronounced “key-flee” or the Americanized "kif-full".   You may also know kifli or similar terms as either a crescent cookie, or crescent yeast dough pastry with or without fillings.

PLEASE NOTE: You may experience 'crumbing' or 'breakage' of kolachi cookies due to shipment. They travel best in cool or mild conditions. This does not affect the quality of the cookies, they are always guaranteed to arrive fresh.

Size: Handmade cookies vary in size & weight, approximately 3" long, 12-18 cookies per roughly 10 oz box.

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Product Reviews

Reviewed by Pat Brown
06/18/2017 - 04:24:20 PM
I just send one of each of the Kolachi rolls to my sons for Father's Day and they could not get enough of them. You now have three more customers!!
I am originally from Altoona, PA and my mother and aunts made these all the time!!
Reviewed by DWalton
05/24/2017 - 10:02:29 PM
Just Heaven
My mother was a Johnstown gal and for 30+ yrs we spent summers visiting my grandparents there. I loved the nut, poppy seed and apricot rolls we enjoyed around the kitchen table with our coffee. While I used to have some sent to me in the Seattle Washington are from friends still in the area, I could only get them around holiday time. Your baked goods are wonderful and bring back memories of wonderful times with my family. I will be making repeat orders often. Thank you.
Reviewed by pwaters
04/06/2017 - 06:34:37 PM
Just Like I Remember
My Dad was from Wilkes Barre and whenever he would go up to visit family he would bring back poppy seed and walnut rolls. My Mom use to make kiffels I have missed all of these since my parents have passed away. I now know where I can get my fix for these childhood treats! Thanks! They are obviously homemade and fresh using high quality ingredients. They are a bit pricey but worth it!
Reviewed by Linda Willem
03/06/2017 - 09:43:24 AM
I placed an order back a month ago, for 1 of my oldest friends. Our children went through 12 years of school and we still remain friends. After the passing of her Husband, I sent her 2 packs of Kiffles and Lady Fingers. I don't believe in flowers. These sweets helped her get through 1 day with a cup of warm tea. She still has more in the freezer. LOVE THE GOODIES FROM BUTTER MAID.
Reviewed by Customer_Testimonials
Customer_Testimonials bought "Nut Kolachi Cookies aka Kolacky, Kolaczki, Kiffles" on our website
02/07/2016 - 04:26:21 PM
I am in tears...
I received my package from Butter Maid Bakery this morning. I could not get it open fast enough because I wanted to taste the Nut Kolachi Cookies. Right now I am in tears...and yes, they are happy tears. You brought my grandmother's recipe back to life. They are exactly like I remember my mom's and grandmother's tasting like and I couldn't be happier. You now officially have a forever customer. I can't wait for Christmas. Everyone is getting Kolachi's like my mom use to make. I am positive they will swear they are mom's. - Diane Leco, Wilkes Barre, PA
Reviewed by Customer_Testimonials
Customer_Testimonials bought "Nut Kolachi Cookies aka Kolacky, Kolaczki, Kiffles" on our website
02/01/2016 - 12:20:10 PM
You guys have nailed it!
I was born and raised in Youngstown and one of my best memories was my Mom's kolachi at Christmas and sometimes at Easter. I have not had any that came close to hers since she passed away over 20 years ago. I have lived in California and Las Vegas the last 40 years and now in Tennessee for 8 years. I came across your web site and gave it a try for Christmas. Shared some with my brother in Colorado and my sister here in TN. We all agree-you guys have nailed it! It brought back a flood of memories for us and we can't thank you enough! I will continue to purchase kolachi and kiffles and share the great taste with family and friends. Thanks again. Ron Balog, Cookeville, TN
Reviewed by Facebook_Reviews
12/20/2015 - 10:52:38 AM
Wonderful memories
My Aunt sent me some of the walnut wedding cookies this week for Christmas in memory of my Mom who was the best cookie baker ever. They were delicious and brought back wonderful memories ") - Tawny Hill
Reviewed by Customer_Testimonials
Customer_Testimonials bought "Nut Kolachi Cookies aka Kolacky, Kolaczki, Kiffles" on our website
04/14/2015 - 11:38:49 AM
I ordered so late and never expected that I would get my baked goods in time for Easter, but you guys totally rocked it and made a super dessert for my family. I used to be a baker and I can say I couldn't have made it half as good as what you served me. I will forever be a customer and tell all my friends. Ya'll are awesome!
Shari - Hudson FL
Reviewed by AprylBaulo
04/09/2012 - 03:16:56 PM
kolachi cookies (mini nut roll)
They are the best cookies ever ! I will continue to order them as well as the large nut rolls.
April Baulo
Reviewed by partybarb
04/09/2012 - 10:36:12 AM
Taste great travel well
These cookies traveled all the way to Arizona and every cookie arrived intact. they taste as good as my mom and other Polish relatives baked when i lived in Latrobe. Love the large rolls as well.
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I am beyond pleased with both the customer service from your bakery and the quality of your product. I have long missed the kolachi my older relatives lovingly made from scratch. I purchased a tri-pack as my sister and family were visiting over spring break and I thought it would be a nice throw-back to our roots. I thought I'd have ...
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Hello, Although I have not tried your product yet; I wanted to say Thank you. My father-n-law was a Baker from Hungary and I have not had Kolachi since he passed away. Seeing your link stream across my FB feed with pictures of Kolachi warmed my heart with memories of this wonderful pastry being served in our home. To me it was a sign from Dad ...
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These are simply wonderful. I ordered two weeks ago. My family just love em. Best ever tasted. Very pleased. My surprise. Was a hand written note. To thank me for placing an order & a magnet. I will be ordering. Again. Ty. For such a great product
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