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Easter: When should I order?  The holidays are extremely busy. We make everything by hand in small batches and can't keep up with demand. When it gets busy, we are forced to bake only the best sellers. This past Thanksgiving/Christmas we ran out of the majority of products and flavors in November, at one point leaving only The Original Walnut Kolachi. All products freeze excellent for up to 6 months, so it's never too early to order for Easter. Order now for the best selection and lowest prices of the holiday.


Free Shipping, can I send to more than one address? No, Free Shipping offers are valid per order of all items shipped to the same address.


I forgot my username and password, what can I do? No account is required, you may checkout as a 'Guest' by clicking the 'Guest Checkout' button on the login page. If you forgot your password, you may reset it here. If you forgot your username, please contact us above.


Gluten Free? Sugar Free? Kosher? Gluten Free: The only item that may be considered Gluten Free, based on the ingredient list, are our Buckeyes. However, we are not a gluten free bakery and therefore cross contamination is possible. Sugar Free: We do not make sugar free, but we do have a reduced sugar kolachi. This is the only reduced sugar product we make at this time. Kosher: All of our raw ingredients are Kosher and we believe all of our baking practices are Kosher, however we cannot afford certificaton at this time.


How do I serve & store Kolachi? For optimum freshness, freeze until use. Thaw at room temperature overnight, or several hours before serving. Make ½” – 1” slices (about 14 – 28 per roll). Serve at room temp or heated as desired. Kolachi are excellent for breakfast with coffee, tea, or milk, and make a nice treat after dinner. Try them heated and buttered, or pan fried with butter! Rewrap well and refreeze / refrigerate. Freeze up to 6 months.


Why is my Kolachi smashed / flat?   A great thing about these Eastern European sweet rolls is that every culture made their own unique version – different sizes, shapes, fillings, etc. They’re made the old-fashioned way by hand and no two are the same. Our Kolachi are generally very flat, and fortunately this does not affect the quality or taste in any way. Some flavors such as apricot & prune are always more so than others. Vacuum sealing can flatten them further, but is our friend in the end keeping them fresh.


Do you have a catalog?   We don't, but our entire selection with current prices, specials, and mouthwatering pictures can be found right here on our website :)

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Our Customers Say...

I was born in Youngstown and fondly remember the Kolachi's made by my Grandmother and several Aunts. We moved to FL when I was young - Grandma & Grandpa had relocated there a year before along with one of her sisters. When I was newly married, my grandmother would come over to my house and spend the day teaching me how to make Kolachi! Mine ...
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I can't tell you how thrilled I was to find you and your delicious nut roll. I grew up in a proudly Polish family and my Babci made a delicious nut roll. She is no longer with us and I have tried through the years to find an acceptable substitute. Each time we tried another brand, we were always disappointed, until we found yours. Your nut ...
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I grew up in a coal mining town in WV and there were a lot of Eastern European immigrants living there. They could certainly cook and our whole community loved the food, especially the kolachi or nut rolls as we called them. I was so thrilled to happen on your advertisement and ordered two nut rolls, one to eat now and one for the holidays. I ...
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