Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll

Poppy Seed Roll aka Poppyseed Hungarian Makos Beigli, Potica and Povitica.
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Poppy seed kolachi is a wildly popular Eastern European treat that most find irresistible, especially paired with a great cup of coffee. Poppy seeds are found whole sprinkled on breads, rolls and cookies, but to release their true flavor you must grind them. Our fresh ground poppy seeds give our filling the perfect creamy balance of slightly nutty, pleasant bitter sweet fruitiness, that we all remember from Mom and Grandma's poppy seed kolachi!

Traditionally, poppy seeds are a symbol of wealth and found in food on every table at Christmas & New Years, wishing for prosperity in the new year. Poppy seed kolachi makes holiday gift giving easy, but order early because they go fast. Today we enjoy them at all family gatherings along side the traditional walnut and apricot kolachi, where it's also tradition to make them disappear! We love them with raisins too, which are also available.

With variations among origin, three things poppy seed rolls have in common are family tradition, homemade quality, and great memories. Maybe you've heard Mom or Grandma mention them by not only poppyseed bread, cake, and strudel, but also by the old world name. All of the terms that start with an "M" mean poppy seed. Three that we hear most often are Hungarian makos beigli, Polish makowiec, and Slovak makovnik. Others are Austrian mohnkuchen or mohnstriezel, Bosnian or Croatian makovnjaca. The Czech term is makovy zavin, German mohn strudel or mohnstrudel, Lithuanian aguonų vyniotinis, Russian bulochki s маком, Ukrainian makovyi knysh. What do you call these poppy seed rolls? Let us know, we love hearing from you! Share your tradition with us below as a product review.

No matter your ethnicity, we hope our rolls can fulfill your baked good traditions, and bring back some sweet memories!

Each roll comes whole, not sliced - about 14" long. Slice to preferred thickness, usually between 18-28 slices. May freeze up to 6 months.

We don't add preservatives to our products, however this item is an exception. We're not willing to risk your safety by potentially delivering a product that has spoiled. Poppy seeds simply do not keep as long as walnuts when fresh ground into poppy butter and filled in kolachi. Our poppy butter is loaded with the highest quality fresh ground poppy seeds, for the irresistible flavor we love.

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Product Reviews

Reviewed by Kevin G
11/21/2018 - 03:48:08 AM
They are perfect. I'm not sure how I feel about this though, I'm going to have to go with inspired to do better rather than discouraged from even trying anymore. Mine have been so far off from what Grandma used to make. I've been trying to get them right for almost 10 years but these are like having jumped in a time machine.
Reviewed by Virginia Vernon
08/27/2018 - 07:01:27 PM
These are just like the ones I remember eating in my Lithuanian grandmas kitchen in Chicago!! I wasn’t sure how they would be because I’ve had other poppyseed items from different places & the quality just wasn’t there. But these are FULL of the delicious poppyseeds!! Keep up the good work!!
Reviewed by S Fazekas
06/05/2018 - 05:22:26 PM
Christmas in June
My brother in law gave me one of your poppy seed filled Kolachi rolls recently and it was like I was back at my grandma or mom's kitchen table. In searching for substitute I tried many, this however is it!
Reviewed by Richard Brownfieldl
05/06/2018 - 05:08:28 PM
Can’t wait try fruit varieties also; but cut the carbs~ Really??
I’ll be age 60, in 5 months and can remember my Hungarian/Romanian Grandmother making these for me - the poppyseed ones; since liked them she also made apricot. (At Time, was age 5 or 6 abd Know Really loves them! Grandma said, “Ricky I don’t know if you’ll be able find these ‘when I’m gone’...”
“EHY Gamma?!!
Grandma replied,” because after Hungarians made them and these were so-good; the French STOLEVour recipe and called them crepes!!” SOOOO~~
Don’t you dare cut-back on the Old-World Goodness! If someone wishes TRY making these with Stevia and lower fat; allow them try on their own... it can be their learning experience in product development! Hey .
Reviewed by Kimberly
05/01/2018 - 12:52:35 AM
Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll
It tasted good - but very sweet! If you can cut down carbs and sugars each in half, it would be very healthy and tasting much better. So please consider cut down carbs and surgars. The reason for three stars is because of the sweetness.
Reviewed by deltaflyer
deltaflyer bought "Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll" on our website
04/29/2018 - 09:50:08 PM
Reminds me of home in Hungary
I was born in Hungary, and although I grew up in Canada, my mother cooked Hungarian style, and her home made “mákos beigli” (poppyseed roll) tasted just like the Butter Maid’s. I love everything with poppy seed, but the beigli just brings back many fond memories of growing up over 40 years ago. I’m so glad we (my wife, to be exact) found you!
Reviewed by am@thenewcomers.us
am@thenewcomers.us bought "Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll" on our website
12/13/2017 - 01:27:52 AM
Poppyseed Roll Heaven!
I only came to like poppyseed roll when I got my mother-in-law. She makes it the best! But then I discovered yours!!! WOW!! FABULOUSLY DELICIOUS! I ordered 2 more!
Reviewed by Barbara K
12/10/2017 - 12:52:21 PM
Poppy seed Kolachie roll
This was my second order. Excellent. Reminds me of my Czech grandmother many years ago. Will definitely order again! Thank you!
Reviewed by ChetBart
12/10/2017 - 10:07:12 AM
Poppy Seed Kolachi
Best poppy seed kolachi ever, great taste and lots of filling. This was our third order.
Reviewed by Tmaslo
Tmaslo bought "Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll" on our website
12/09/2017 - 07:01:45 PM
Wonderful reminder of the past
It has been a long time since I have a Poppy Seed Kolachi. This one was wonderful and brought back fond memories of my younger days
Reviewed by Gary B
12/08/2017 - 09:32:36 AM
poppy seed roll
your products are outstanding !!!!! thank you from one family owned business to another , I am 3rd generation owner of ( frank Pepe Pizzeria ) in new haven CT .. my grand father started it in 1925
Reviewed by Barbara
12/08/2017 - 01:28:52 AM
Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll
This tastes exactly like my mother-in-laws poppy seed kolachi! My husband said, "Order More"!!! Thank you!
Reviewed by dcbrown
12/07/2017 - 12:43:50 PM
Just like my Slovak mom used to make when I was growing up! As long as it stays this good, I'll be a repeat customer.
Reviewed by Susanne
12/06/2017 - 03:24:38 PM
I found the perfect gift this year!
I was very hesitant to order because I had great memories of enjoying Poppy Seed and Nut Roll when our families would gather to celebrate the holidays. It was always the first thing to disappear on the dessert tray. These rolls far exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait to gift them to my brothers and sisters this Christmas! I feel I found the perfect gift! I made sure to order several for me and my family to enjoy also!!
Reviewed by Helen benner
12/05/2017 - 08:11:28 PM
Poppyseed and nut kolachi
They are best ones I have bought can’t make them anymore delicious. Everyone should buy for Xmas.
Reviewed by Desiree Reynolds
12/05/2017 - 08:43:11 AM
Never a miss. I’ve ordered my Kolachi from here for years and served at every holiday function. I’ve had so many friends try it —amazing how many people in this world don’t even know what kolachi is and now it’s a request from them that I purchase extra as gifts and have passed the card and site to them.
Reviewed by Denise
12/04/2017 - 08:41:19 PM
The real deal! Just like my moms, no shortage of filling. A perfect balance of sweet and nutty. Don't think twice.
Reviewed by erniesilva
erniesilva bought "Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll" on our website
12/04/2017 - 07:04:20 PM
Poppy Seed Roll
Just like the care packages my Mother-in-law use to send us. Her care (Because She Cared For Us) Packages use to include Poppy Seed Rolls and Nut Rolls. Here in Texas we have many Czech Festivals but I could never find any that measured up to my mother-in-law's.
Reviewed by Joe Evanski
12/04/2017 - 06:23:51 PM
Just Like My Grandmothers
The absolute best Poppy seed Kolachi since my grandmother passed away. Highest quality of ingredients and fantastic prices. Fast shipping too.
Reviewed by joseph smolko
12/04/2017 - 03:59:54 PM
Great kolachii
My daughter sent me 3 kolachies and they were so delicious i went and bought 3 for my sister who really enjoyed them. Just like mom and baba used to make.Keep up the good baking and i'll be taking.
Reviewed by Jane
12/04/2017 - 03:27:46 PM
I've ordered the poppyseed kolachi before. There's nothing like it here (Las Vegas). It does remind me of how my mother used to make it. Thank you for making such a wonderful product.
Reviewed by wkalaskie
12/04/2017 - 11:44:58 AM
Absolutely terrific!!!!
I'm 61 & grew up with a Polish/Lithuanian heritage. We had poppy seed rolls every T-giving, Christmas/New Years and Easter. Your poppy seed rolls taste (don't want to sound corny here) just like my grandmothers, aunts & mom used to make,...and, that is "absolutely delicious." I would not have been able to tell the difference between your and those made by the hands of the ladies in my family. Do not ever, EVER change your recipe!!!!!
Reviewed by Kathy
12/04/2017 - 11:39:14 AM
Poppy Seed Kolachi
Gave as a gift and was told it was the best they had ever eaten.
Reviewed by Becky
12/04/2017 - 10:01:54 AM
So very happy I found Butter Maid via Facebook. The poppy seed roll was wonderful. I will order again for Christmas.
Reviewed by hseiler
hseiler bought "Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll" on our website
12/03/2017 - 12:55:02 PM
Just Amazing!
This is my second time ordering the Poppy Seed delightful Kolachi Roll. In fact I ordered 3 for my sister and 3 for my niece, with a note, just like Oma used to make.
Reviewed by mjwarhol
mjwarhol bought "Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll" on our website
12/03/2017 - 08:16:29 AM
Just like Grandma’s
Love the poppyseed kolachi! My grandmother made these but no one got the recipe before she died. The local bakery’s “poppyseed cake”, while tasty, was nothing like hers - or yours! And yours even passed the “picky brother” test! Will definitely order each holiday, maybe more
Reviewed by dobrila
12/02/2017 - 09:50:12 PM
Never tasted better poppy seed roll
Not giving away as gift stays at home.
Reviewed by Andrew
12/02/2017 - 07:50:54 PM
Brings back wonderful memories
Perfect! Loaded with poppyseed the way it should be. Every bite brings back wonderful memories of having this special treat on very special occasions when I was young. Thank you!
Reviewed by Margaret
12/02/2017 - 07:04:45 PM
The poppyseed kolachi is delicious! Just like my mom used to make for Christmases past!
Reviewed by Shailene Graham
12/02/2017 - 05:45:32 PM
Poppyseed roll
Mom and I used to make this every Christmas and I so looked forward to it. Mom is in heaven now and I did not want to make it alone. I was skeptical but was so surprised that it was almost the same as Moms. Delicious, will definitely order again.
Reviewed by vlenglish
vlenglish bought "Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll" on our website
12/02/2017 - 12:50:53 PM
Ordered this and the nut roll for Thanksgiving. A little flatter but every bit as flavorful as I had back home back in the day. Already reordered for Christmas.
Reviewed by Poppy Seed Kolachi
12/02/2017 - 11:40:41 AM
Oh, happy days! Poppy seed bliss!
Just like my Polish grandmother used to make only BETTER!!! Moist, tender crust and just the right sweetness. I will order more and give for gifts. I cannot go wrong...delicious!
Reviewed by poppyseed
12/02/2017 - 11:15:49 AM
as good as i remember from the old neighborhood
Reviewed by Chris
12/02/2017 - 11:13:42 AM
Poppy seed roll
I got this for my husband, but I also had to try some. I'm not as big a fan of them as he is but I have to say that this was the best poppy seed roll I've ever tasted. He was also very pleased with it. There is not a single store or Bakery that I have ever bought these from that can compared to Butter Maid's rolls. I will never purchase from any place else but Butter Maid from now on. Worth every penny... they make the best ever!!!!
Reviewed by John Cordera
12/02/2017 - 07:47:19 AM
Best Ever
BEST EVER!!!! After years of buying Homemade Church
Kolachi we have finally found the ultimate Kolachi. Fast shipping, awesome taste and loaded, what more could I ask for.
Reviewed by Bob Norman
12/02/2017 - 07:37:57 AM
Poppyseed Kolachi
I grew up in Garfield Heights, Ohio and remember having poppyseed roll during the Christmas Holidays. I now live in Maryland and never found a poppyseed roll that tasted like the ones I remember as a kid. Glad we found you and enjoying the poppyseed rolls again. Thanks!
Reviewed by Kathie
12/01/2017 - 10:49:47 PM
Just like grandma's
I've bought a number of these over the years from other vendors in the hopes I could find a poppy roll as good as grandma's. I finally have found one that tastes as good a hers! We enjoyed them with our Thanksgiving meal and spent time remembering grandma.
Reviewed by Mike mcdonald
12/01/2017 - 10:34:54 PM
Hungarian kolache
My sister and I are half hungarian, and we pine because we had not had kolache OR kiffle since our mom died 40 years ago. Your pastries are a godsend! They taste the same if not better than our moms. Every day is a holiday when I bite into these delights
Reviewed by Carol Trueman
12/01/2017 - 10:06:16 PM
Poppy Seed Kolachi
This is the second time I have ordered the poppyseed kolachi. It is fabulous! Mother made them. Great memories!
Reviewed by DEB
12/01/2017 - 09:57:59 PM
Perfect - Poppyseed Kolache Roll
Perfect. Came fresh, as close to home-made as possible without it baking in my own kitchen, order came quickly and in perfect condition. Just doesn't get better than that! Thank you for the delicious treat and oh-so-many memories of days past with Momma in the kitchen.
Reviewed by Donna
12/01/2017 - 09:33:34 PM
Poppy seed roll
I bought as a gift for my elderly folks.... Awesome!!! They absolutely enjoyed the "old world" flavor and freshness!! I will definitely be re-ordering.... company's service is out-standing!!!
Reviewed by Deb
12/01/2017 - 06:46:52 PM
So GOOD! Just like Grandma's!
Reviewed by sylvia gyimesi
12/01/2017 - 05:39:06 PM
poppyseed heaven
I had forgotten how good a poppyseed kolachi can be... it was devine have ordered more LOL
Reviewed by Cheryl Borino
12/01/2017 - 05:15:13 PM
Poppyseed Roll
It was terrific. Everybody went crazy over it. I will be ordering a it again very soon. I called my niece in Ohio and told her about you guys and I'm sure she will be ordering some soon. The poppyseed was really full and the roll was exceptional fresh. Glad I stumbled upon you guys.
Reviewed by Deaconz1988
Deaconz1988 bought "Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll" on our website
12/01/2017 - 03:35:28 PM
Best Ever!
The poppyseed was amazing. moist, tasty and simply delicious. Nothing like it since I was growing up. 5 Stars.
Reviewed by Kim
12/01/2017 - 11:50:46 AM
Simply wonderful! Will be ordering again soon.
Reviewed by Vicki Tracey
12/01/2017 - 10:29:12 AM
Poppyseed Beigli!
My Hungarian grandmother always made the poppyseed rolls and I always loved them. These are just like hers. Your customer service is excellent and so is your product. I will definitely be ordering again.
Reviewed by Patricia
12/01/2017 - 09:36:55 AM
Poppyseed Roll
Fast delivery and well packaged. The poppyseed roll was delicious- just like I remember growing up. I will definitely order again and highly recommend this bakery to other Kolache lovers. Well done, Butter Maid bakery. 10 stars at least.
Reviewed by Hugh W Haughey
12/01/2017 - 08:47:09 AM
Long time missed
I have not had Kolachi since I left Youngstown in 1981. I have missed having it on special occasions. I am 71 yrs old now and my daughter and grandchildren did not even know what Kolachi was. Describing it did not do the trick, so I found out about Buttermaid through a friend. I sent and got three Kolachi for Thanksgiving. I could not have been more pleased with the product and the service. Both were excellent. I was worried because I live in Florida now, but no problem at all. They came fresh and delicious. Everybody loved them. Keep up the good work.
Reviewed by Lori
11/30/2017 - 09:27:44 PM
Just like Grammie’s poppyseed roll!
After my grandmother died I didn’t think that I would ever be able to have poppyseed roll that reminded me so much of her ever again. She had taught me how to make it but it’s a lot of work and it never seem to turn out as good as hers. I saw your ad on Facebook one day and I thought well I would try it in but I didn’t have a lot of hope that would be very good. But when it arrived and I took my first bite it brought back so many memories and it was so good that I actually started to cry. Then I actually called the company just to tell them personally how much I enjoyed their product and how good it was. So if you’re on the fence and don’t know whether or not to order this take it from me you won’t be disappointed. It’s the real deal!
Reviewed by kbelogi
kbelogi bought "Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll" on our website
11/30/2017 - 01:28:07 PM
poppy seed roll
Reviewed by Cwp53
Cwp53 bought "Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll" on our website
11/30/2017 - 11:35:30 AM
One of the best I have ever tasted
Reviewed by Danni in SD
11/30/2017 - 11:25:22 AM
Like my Grandma's
This brings me back to my childhood when my Hungarian Grandma would have baking day. She had bags of poppy seeds in the basement for making this wonderful kolachi. She would also make the other flavors that Butter Maid makes. She also made a chocolate version with cocoa. I lost her in 1963 and Butter Maid has brought her baking back to me.
Reviewed by Louise
11/30/2017 - 08:27:37 AM
The Poppy seed was awesome. I first tasted the pumpkin walnut and almost didn't taste the poppy seed. Pumpkin walnut had no flavor. I am so glad I tried the poppy seed. Was awesome.
Reviewed by courtneygasper
courtneygasper bought "Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll" on our website
11/29/2017 - 04:54:02 PM
Poppyseed Roll
This poppyseed roll is the best we have ever eaten, homemade or not! Get one and treat yourself.
Reviewed by Mark from Wisconsin
11/29/2017 - 03:19:04 PM
Mom Was Thrilled
I got the Poppyseed and Walnut kolachis for my 91 year old mother, and they thrilled her. She finished both in about 5 days, and it took her back to her childhood in Cleveland.
Reviewed by Tricia
11/29/2017 - 12:05:19 PM
Poppy Seed
BEST poppy seed kolachi I have ever had! Sweet and moist. Lasted only 2 days at my home!
Reviewed by Rosanne
11/29/2017 - 12:03:44 PM
Poppyseed Roll
My first time ordering and was pleasantly surprised. I took the poppyseed roll to Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone raved about it and it was all eaten before dinner! Will certainly order it again.
Reviewed by Wese50
Wese50 bought "Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll" on our website
11/28/2017 - 11:25:24 PM
Poppyseed Roll
This roll was so moist. I just love that it is all natural, no preservatives or additives. Keep up the great work Butter Maid!
Reviewed by Cheryl Richardson
11/28/2017 - 09:00:02 PM
Super products
As a young girl, my grandmother always bought kolache around Christmas and Easter. Poppyseed and prune were the ones she bought. As an adult, I have been looking for a kolache that would come close to the ones in the past. No luck until last year on my computer, an ad from Buttermaid showed up. I tried the poppyseed and prune and finally after approx 60 years, I found the best ones. This year I am trying the apricot and have already tasted the honey walnut....I'm in heaven. Thank you for a wonderful product, I will be a forever customer.
Reviewed by Debbie Schmadel
11/28/2017 - 07:44:23 PM
Poppy Seed Roll
The poppy seed roll is as good as Grams!! Made with Love!!
Lots of poppy seed filling!
Will order again and again!!
Reviewed by Nancy Boynton
11/28/2017 - 05:37:32 PM
When I found the poppy seed kolachi roll here, I just couldn't believe it. This was something that our Grandmother always had for the holidays and we had not had it in many years. What a surprise it was and it was as delicious as I remembered from all those years ago.
Reviewed by Patricia Ungar
11/28/2017 - 03:24:01 PM
Thank you SO much
I love, love poppy seed and am unable to find a poppy seed roll here in Florida. So you have made my day. I had half of the roll for Thanksgiving and re-froze the rest for Christmas. It is so special having such a treat from Boardman when I lived next door in Poland. My brother lives in Struthers and will be getting a gift card for Christmas. While I cannot afford to buy the poppy seed role as often as I would like, I hope to make it at least a holiday tradition going forward. Again, thank you so much.
Reviewed by Celeste
11/28/2017 - 11:36:54 AM
Flash of childhood memories - just anxiously waiting to cut that first piece of poppyseed bread. Definitely as good as homemade by family - delicious!
Reviewed by Diane Livingston
11/27/2017 - 08:28:52 PM
I ordered these for my mom. She used to make these poppy seed rolls when I was growing up. She no longer makes them because they are too much work for her to make them. After she received them she called me and said they were the best she ever had! I was overcome with the memories of her making these years ago and how much we loved them! Thanks for the memories!
Reviewed by Jerri
Jerri bought "Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll" on our website
11/27/2017 - 06:48:23 PM
Soooo Yummy!
Every bit as good as the ones my Slovak inlaws used to make. Shape, filling, taste......just such a wonderful treat! Second year to order but it will now be a family tradition. Thank you!
Reviewed by John G
11/27/2017 - 01:10:09 PM
Childhood Flashback
My grandmother from Czechoslovakia used to make poppy seed rolls at Easter. When I tasted yours I was transported back over 50 years to when I was a kid at her house. Fantastic product! Will definitely order again. Thanks!
Reviewed by Hook
11/27/2017 - 09:04:05 AM
Years ago i used to work for a small family bakerym and I can remember getting the freshly baked Poppy Seed rolls right out the ovens. These rolls taste exactly as I remember! Munching on these is addictive! You just can not eat one slice!
Reviewed by Gary
11/26/2017 - 11:40:19 PM
Poppy Seed
Okay, the taste is close but not as I remember from my youth. The roll seems to be smashed down and somewhat gummy in texture. I suspect this comes from the vacuum sealing. I remember the bread to be more like bread in texture and topped with a white royal icing. I was able to find it as I remember when I was in Germany, but not here at home.
Reviewed by Shirley Todd
11/26/2017 - 07:55:02 PM
Poppyseed Roll
I ate the whole roll over a period of one week! Best poppyseed roll ever made.
Reviewed by Debby
11/26/2017 - 06:01:36 PM
Poppy seed
Disappointing, and too pricey
Reviewed by Stanley Schubert
11/26/2017 - 10:43:41 AM
I had the poppyseed roll and it was absolutely delicious
Reviewed by Selina
11/25/2017 - 05:03:44 PM
Poppy Seed Roll
My husbands family is from Poland. He said this roll tasted just like his Grandmother’s. Delicious. We will order for our Christmas Wiglia. Traditional polish Christmas Eve dinner for the whole family to enjoy.
Reviewed by karen paulus
11/25/2017 - 03:51:20 PM
FANTASTIC just like my grandmother use to make !!!
Reviewed by william enos
11/25/2017 - 03:28:47 PM
greastest on earth
have had the poppy and walnut rolls. cooked to perfection every time!! freshest and most perfect blend! nice and moist! I will never order anywhere else!!
Reviewed by Joseph Bacon
11/25/2017 - 12:26:27 AM
My oldest sister's mother in law used to make me a nut and poppyseed roll every Holiday season until she passed away. This year, I was thinking of how I missed those rolls and I came across your site in Facebook. So I ordered a nut and another poppyseed roll and I took them to my friends annual Thanksgiving dinner. EVERYONE raved about them. None of them here in Los Angeles even knew about kolachi rolls. Thank you so much from bringing back memories of a very special person for me!
Reviewed by Barbara B
11/24/2017 - 09:08:29 PM
The poppyseed and Walnut Rolls are just like the ones I used to have as a child. My family loves when I order from Butter Maid.
Reviewed by Davida Cowie
11/24/2017 - 06:36:11 PM
Christmas Memories
I bought the nut rolls before for myself and they were so much like my Mothers' that I sent the nut and poppy seed (his favorite when we were kids) to my brother for Christmas. He called to thank me, he was going to freeze them but couldn't wait to eat them. Thanks for bringing back our Christmas memories.
Reviewed by drkforbes2
drkforbes2 bought "Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll" on our website
11/24/2017 - 09:53:41 AM
Poppyseed roll review
Fantastic. We love the fresh taste and look forward to the holidays to enjoy Butter Maid bakery.
Reviewed by Caroline
11/23/2017 - 11:36:28 PM
The best
The poppy seed roll is almost as good as Grandma's.
Lots of poppy seed filling .
Would not hesitate to re-order.
Reviewed by barbara hilderson
11/23/2017 - 12:08:47 PM
Restored family ties
The Poppyseed and Walnut rolls helped to restore family ties My Sister and family have been across the country for over 50 years. The rolls brought happy memories of Holidays together. Although we are miles apart. Thank you Buttermaid !! Happy Thanksgiving to all.
Reviewed by carol
11/22/2017 - 10:11:27 PM
Ok BUT...
Love the product BUT all 3 are smashed. I'm beginning to think they are all that way!!! My Grandmother used to make them and they were never smashed!!!!
Reviewed by Donna Toth
11/22/2017 - 05:47:51 PM
Poppyseed Rolls
The best of the best. I ordered both poppy and honey walnut and will never buy any other product
Reviewed by Sissyta
Sissyta bought "Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll" on our website
11/22/2017 - 05:15:21 PM
3rd order but first time trying the poppyseed kolachi. Just like my grandmother’s when I was a child! It survived a 3 day road trip for Thanksgiving, but once opened, it was gone in about 2 hours. Wish I had ordered more!!
Reviewed by Ann
11/21/2017 - 11:15:51 AM
Poppy Seed
Just like my husband's grandmother used to make in Whiting Indiana and Slovakia.
Reviewed by Linda Stecker
11/20/2017 - 05:38:12 PM
Poppy Seed Roll
First time ordering pastry online, very pleased with product. Generous amount of filling, just right amount of sweetness, pastry little soft from being shrink wrapped but took nothing away from taste. First order with Butter Maid will not be my last!
Reviewed by Jean
11/20/2017 - 02:50:39 PM
Excellent product
This was my third order. Have never
Found any that were this good. Just
Perfect and delicious
Reviewed by Miron
Miron bought "Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll" on our website
11/19/2017 - 02:34:11 PM
Poppy seed Kolachi Roll
Grew up in a bakery family in Minnesota. At my grandfathers bakery, Tschida’s in St Paul one of his specialities was poppyseed coffeecake. Bakery is no longer open and miss the poppyseed everyday. Have tried others and nothing came close until we tried yours. Whole family/relatives loved it also. Will definitely try other flavors. Thank you.
Reviewed by gracie717
gracie717 bought "Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll" on our website
11/17/2017 - 07:28:02 PM
Poppy seed wonders
Just loved the taste. Not to sweet, not to bitter.
Reviewed by Jeff Rasmussen
11/16/2017 - 05:40:08 PM
Poppyseed Kolache
Absolutely chocked full of plump poppyseeds mixed with just the right amount of sweetness. Just like my wife's Hungarian grandma use to make. A great way to carry on a flavorful and distinct memory of her during the holidays!
Reviewed by Sue S.
11/16/2017 - 02:33:06 PM
Hadn’t had this treat for 50 years, when I lived in Y-town. That truly homemade taste is terrific!
Reviewed by mlmjan37
mlmjan37 bought "Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll" on our website
11/16/2017 - 12:55:58 PM
I was so happy to find these on line. I used to bake them and when we moved to Florida my kids missed having the rolls for Christmas and Easter. I now send them to my kids up north and they say they are "almost" as good as Moms. However, being the Mom , I think they are a lot better and a lot less work.
Reviewed by Sue Pysher
11/15/2017 - 08:33:08 AM
Love this poppyseed roll--just like homemade!!
I've ordered many times and love these rolls! So close to homemade--our mother and grandmother always made homemade nut roll and poppyseed roll for holidays--these are so close to homemade--it's unbelievable!! Love the discounts and the fact that they can be frozen!
Reviewed by Louise Kafer
11/14/2017 - 07:52:07 PM
poppy seed roll
I love your poppy seed roll as it reminds me what my mother made for the holidays. It was a tradition she did every year and yours reminds me of that tradition.
Reviewed by trkemom4
trkemom4 bought "Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll" on our website
11/14/2017 - 01:42:17 PM
Poppy Seed Kolachi
I love all the kolachi, but this is my favorite. It reminds me of my sister-in -law's Christmas and Easter treats.
Reviewed by Karlyn McPike
11/13/2017 - 10:56:08 PM
Mom loves them
My mother just got home from rehab. I had promised poppyseed as a reward. She was thrilled to get her reward.
Reviewed by Charlene
11/06/2017 - 03:25:42 PM
I ordered the poppyseed kolachi and apricot kolachi. They were delivered on time. My sister was very excited. She said they were delicious and almost as good as Mom's. Lol
Reviewed by Mary Ann
11/05/2017 - 01:20:11 AM
Kolachi for family reunion
I ordered the walnut, honey walnut and poppy seed kolachi for my recent family reunion as our grandmother and mothers made kolachi for every festive occasion. My cousins and I loved it, and your company can expect more orders from my family as everyone wanted to know where I got the kolachi, and how they could order it.
Reviewed by Ellen
11/03/2017 - 09:28:16 PM
My Dad would make poppy seed bread around the holidays. This product matches my memories of him and the delicious treat!
Reviewed by Darlene
11/02/2017 - 08:42:38 AM
Poppy Seed Roll
Sent to my brother for his birthday. He was so impressed. Said it was as he remembered as a kid. Didn't last long in his house. Waiting for more! DELICIOUS and THEN SOME!!!!!!! Thank you!
Reviewed by Jim Gula
11/02/2017 - 07:59:48 AM
Nice and moist. Taste was great. Delivery time was excellent. What more could you ask for... Highly recommend.
Reviewed by Heather
10/28/2017 - 01:26:23 PM
The Perfect Gift
I have trouble finding great gifts for my mom because she really doesn't need anything. She is, however, a big fan of apricot candy and cookies. I sent her these and she LOVED them.
Reviewed by Laurie
10/28/2017 - 01:21:01 PM
The perfect gift
My friend often talks fondly about poppy seed rolls that he has had in the past. He does not get to have the, often. I sent him this one and he was delighted. Said it was delicious and he finished it within a few days. Thanks!
Reviewed by Danielle
10/23/2017 - 05:48:53 PM
Poppy Seed kolachi
I ordered a total of 3 (poppy, pumpkin, and raspberry) all for my husband as he grew up in PA and has not had these since he was a little boy. He was shocked when he got his order. He tore into the poppy seed and said that it was AMAZING!! Needless to say it is finished. Tomorrow he is going to open the pumpkin kolachi. THANK YOU for making such a wonderful memory come true for my husband!!
Reviewed by Chris
10/22/2017 - 08:53:08 PM
The Real Deal
Just like other reviewers, I remember from my childhood the poppy seed kolachi that my aunt used to make. We'd drive from Virginia to Pennsylvania to get them! Butter Maid's are just as good - and much easier to get! Thanks so much.
Reviewed by marbears
marbears bought "Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll" on our website
10/20/2017 - 11:04:46 AM
Absolutely delicious
So good! Just like the nut roll my grandmother used to make.
Reviewed by Bettielou Wagner
10/20/2017 - 07:23:54 AM
For years I looked for a poppy seed roll that would have the authentic taste and texture of the ones that my ex-mother-in-law made years ago in Cleveland. These poppy seed koalchi come the closest I have found. It brings back memories of sitting at the kitchen table having tea with this wonderful woman and eating poppy seed koalchi. Every bite brings back good memories.
Reviewed by Kathy
10/19/2017 - 05:06:54 PM
Eaten with love
My brother and friend say the poppyseed are their favorite.
Reviewed by Joe
10/18/2017 - 04:36:58 PM
My traditional favorite
These are so good and so addictive, I am sure that I must get an opium buzz from all those poppy seeds. This is the one I can't get enough of.
Reviewed by DonZ
10/17/2017 - 08:53:19 PM
Close to Mom's
These are the closest poppyseed rolls I have found to my Mom's which she made from scratch. There is no skimping in the poppyseed filling. It is very difficult to limit your intake to only one piece at a time.
Reviewed by thumper74@att.net
thumper74@att.net bought "Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll" on our website
10/12/2017 - 04:54:17 PM
Poppyseed Kolachi Can't Be Beat
I always include a poppyseed cake with my order for my brother to enjoy. Whether with coffee or a cold glass of milk, morning, noon, or night, these cakes are a hit! Super fast delivery too!
Reviewed by fuzzynic
10/12/2017 - 09:18:35 AM
Kolachi's - Delicious
The best ever! My wife hides them from me for I eat so much of the kolachi's whenever we have them. I do not like to save or freeze them for I like a big piece daily. Delicious, not too expensive, & healthy ingredients.
Reviewed by Sue
10/10/2017 - 10:07:30 PM
Better than Babci's
Babci would only allow me a small taste of her poppy seed roll. She said it was for the grown ups. I'm so glad I'm now an adult. Babci most likely is looking down from Heaven and shaking her finger at me and saying "that is to big Susan."
Reviewed by Jean Ball
10/10/2017 - 11:29:56 AM
Outstanding quality
This poppyseed roll is on same level
As the best I have ever had growing up in a Polish
Neighborhood and having relatives who
Made them for all special occasions. Superb!
Reviewed by jlang0943
jlang0943 bought "Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll" on our website
10/10/2017 - 11:15:56 AM
Just like Grandma's
This is my favorite Kolachi of all. It's just as delicious as the Poppyseed Kolachi my Grandma made from scratch. Brings back lots of favorite memories.
Reviewed by Larry Benson
10/08/2017 - 09:19:33 PM
poppyseed kolachi
I knew I had to buy this as soon as I saw it.

Reviewed by Susan Walker
10/04/2017 - 01:48:24 PM
Poppy seed kolaches
These are the best! Remind me of my mother's!
Reviewed by Andrea Schultz
10/04/2017 - 11:34:00 AM
Brings Back Memories
Oh, this poppy seed kolachi brings back such sweet memories of days past at Mom & Dad's. Mom's poppy seed filled breads were the best... just like these!
Reviewed by Szathmary
10/04/2017 - 10:43:23 AM
Saved for Thanksgiving
I purchased Thanksgiving desert and it is safely in the freezer. I have purchased all of these delicious treats before, and will do so again. We will be having Walnut Nut Roll, Poppyseed Nut Roll (my favorite), Nut Cookies (reminds me of my Mom's), Apricot Cookies (Sister Beth's favorite) and those delicious Lady Locks (grandson, Buddy could eat them all!) .
Reviewed by larryhodag77@gmail.com
larryhodag77@gmail.com bought "Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll" on our website
10/03/2017 - 12:25:03 PM
Want More!
The poppy seed kolachi is my favorite. It tastes like Grandma used to make from the old country. The poppy seed filing is sumptuous! I keep ordering more, especially for the holidays!
Reviewed by Christina Bankovic
10/03/2017 - 11:58:52 AM
Took your poppy seed kolach to a get together of friends that survived Hurricane Irma here on Saint Simons Island, Georgia. Five of us ate the entire kolach and didn't even touch any of the other food!!!
At least we had leftovers for a few days!!!!
Reviewed by Sue West
09/25/2017 - 07:18:25 PM
Poppy seed roll
Ok, I have to confess, poppy seed is my all-time favorite! This roll is loaded with filling. Delicious! I will be reordering!
Reviewed by grace
09/22/2017 - 11:01:40 AM
old world recipe
One slice and I was hooked! I have to admit at first I was a skeptic, but not anymore. If you are looking for old world flavor, you wont be disappointed!
Reviewed by Gloria Snyder
09/16/2017 - 07:03:21 PM
Great product
I have been ordering the kolachi and some of the cookies for about a year now and I am very pleased with all of my purchases.
Reviewed by Judy Smith
09/14/2017 - 12:39:34 PM
Fabulous product.
The poppy seed and walnut nut rolls are fabulous.There was a delivery problem,however the problem was resolved to my satisfaction.
Reviewed by LifelongEducator
09/10/2017 - 07:49:35 PM
Love, love, love the poppy seed cake!!
Reviewed by lemmonannamarie@yahoo.co
lemmonannamarie@yahoo.co bought "Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll" on our website
09/08/2017 - 11:18:56 AM
Poppyseed Roll
This is my husband's favorite!
Reviewed by Tamee
09/07/2017 - 10:13:13 AM
These are almost like my Mother-in-law's. Since she is gone and I never mastered her recipes, I will order again. My husband like the also.
Reviewed by Jean
09/01/2017 - 06:12:43 AM
Great product
The poppy seed roll is just delicious
I will definitely order again. It's so
Wonderful to get excellent quality bakery
Reviewed by Maureen
08/31/2017 - 10:44:12 AM
Great Poppyseed Kolachi
Husband loves this product. Says it is just like his grandmother's. Second order and will order again.
Reviewed by Melanie Ngo
08/30/2017 - 06:11:18 PM
Amazing and Delicious Poppy-Filled Kolachi
Butter Maid Bakery made my dreams come true! I've been searching for a poppy-filled kolachi roll, similar to what my mom would make for the holidays when I was younger, for a while now. And their kolachi rolls taste so incredible!! So moist, filled with lots and lots of poppy goodness, and was on sale too! After ordering a box full and tasting a slice, my mouth watered and I called my family immediately to order too. Then I ordered another box! No lie! We will cherish these during the holidays for sure! Thanks Butter Maid Bakery for all your pure deliciousness!! A must have for the holidays and to always have in your freezer for everyday cravings!!!!
Reviewed by geiera
08/30/2017 - 04:11:43 AM
Got this for my husbands 79th birthday. He loved it, as did I. He said it was the best he had had since he left Ohio. I laughed and told him that is because it is from Ohio. Love the way you pack it, keeps it moist. I was worried about ordering it too soon and see that I don't have to. Will get more at Christmas time.
Reviewed by Bela
08/29/2017 - 07:40:31 PM
Poppy Seed Roll
I would again, if you like the Hungarian style this is very close. The order arrived fresh, quick and best of all the flavor is great.
Reviewed by Rita Glyn-Jones
08/29/2017 - 03:40:16 PM
Poppyseed roll
This is my third order and is very good, as expected, but dumb me I wanted to order the poppyseed with raisins but didn't!
Reviewed by Pat Hatcher
08/28/2017 - 06:20:26 PM
poppy seed kolachi
Sent my brother the poppy seed kolachi for his 70th birthday to bring back some wonderful childhood memories --said it was the best present he received! Tasted just like our mother use to make.
Reviewed by Constance Samul
08/19/2017 - 01:21:10 PM
Poppy Seed Roll
It was wonderful! We are Polish, and it was just as I remember it growing up in Hamtramck, MI. Thank you! I ordered two other flavors but they are in the freezer! Hope they are as good when defosted.
Reviewed by Lonny
08/18/2017 - 06:23:34 PM
GREAT Poppy Seed Loaf !!!
Being of Slovak Descent , I wrote down my Grandmothers original recipe for Poppy Seed & Nut Roll. Your receipt is extremely close to Grandma Wassels but hers was a little more moist( more sugar in poppy seed mixture. This is an A+ - in my estimation.
Reviewed by Christina
08/14/2017 - 10:09:29 PM
Best authentic kolachi
I have ordered several from Buttermaid and they are the best, and dare I say better than mom makes. They don't skimp on the filling and the dough is perfect! I will continue to purchase from here
Reviewed by bgolaski
bgolaski bought "Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll" on our website
08/14/2017 - 05:35:28 PM
Reviewsby Barbara
So delicious! Reminds me of home and holidays.
Reviewed by SuzyB
08/14/2017 - 04:50:07 PM
There is no better way to start your day than with a slice of this kolachi. The biggest decision I have to make in the morning is whether to have the walnut or poppyseed. They call me from the refrigerator and lure me out of bed!
Reviewed by Robert Moritz
08/14/2017 - 01:58:32 PM
Best poppyseed every
Flaky pastry surrounding the juiciest poppy filling. Pure delight.
Reviewed by Dee Steffens
08/12/2017 - 12:00:44 AM
Poppyseed bread
My mother-in-law used to make about 100 loaves of this at Christmas. My husband thought yours was as good as hers. Believe me that is a high compliment!

Reviewed by msmittzie
08/11/2017 - 01:39:17 PM
The BEST!!
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this bakery!!! Can't believe how awesome tasting everything is!! Products arrive packaged so nicely and sooo.. very fresh!! Poppy seed kolachi reminds me so much of my grandmother and yours is just as delicious!! I am so fortunate for finding you!!! Thanks!!!
Reviewed by kadi318
kadi318 bought "Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll" on our website
08/09/2017 - 01:42:52 PM
Poppyseed Kolachi Roill
Delicious as usual. I hadn't ordered from your bakery for awhile, but the craving got to me. I'm so glad I found your website a couple of years ago. Your poppyseed kolachi is the closest I could find to my grandmother's kolachies. Thanks so much.
Reviewed by Christina
08/04/2017 - 09:13:02 AM
Great taste
I live in Texas where a kolachi is really a danish. This is an authentic kolachi like the one that my grandmother made. I love it and it tastes great.
Reviewed by Carolyn
08/03/2017 - 01:12:05 PM
Poppyseed Roll
The poppyseed rolls are absolutely divine. You guys have the recipe down pat. My family grew up on these. The only person that could make them in the family was my mother. She made them until she turned 97 years old. We will be ordering more from you again very soon. Thank you!

Reviewed by Tracy Pogorelc
08/03/2017 - 12:54:50 PM
What can you say?
Anyone of Slavic origin that had a grandmother that baked will love these...to tell you just how wonderful these kolachi rolls are, after my first order I immediately placed a second so I wouldn't run out! They freeze beautifully.
Reviewed by Janet Lee
08/02/2017 - 04:16:16 PM
Thank you so much for my poppy seed roll!! It reminds me of the old German neighborhood where my Grandparents lived in Cleveland back in the day; almost 55 years ago now. We would walk to our neighborhood bakery for poppy seed, cheese, apricot and rhubarb stollen, kolaches, and kuchens! They have all but disappeared in many places. I thought I would not ever get to have any again!! I can't wait to try the apricot and nut products! My poppy seed stollen arrived quickly, fresh, and totally intact! I hate to say, but it was not around very long after we made our coffee!! Perfect!!
Reviewed by Diana
08/02/2017 - 11:38:19 AM
The best!!!! I only shared a small portion, it was moist, absolutely delicious and packaging was also a delight and I got a personal note from the packager/maker!
Reviewed by Natalie
07/31/2017 - 08:44:22 AM
Poppy Seed Kolachi
My mother passed away 2 years ago, and your poppy seed kolachi brought back sweet memories of her baking!! So good! Thank you!
Reviewed by spirit45@comcast.net
spirit45@comcast.net bought "Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll" on our website
07/28/2017 - 11:02:18 PM
Poppyseed roll
OMG! both the poppyseed roll and the kolachy remind me of what my Ukrainian grandmother used to make. Awesome, I am addicted! She also made an apple dense cake (which was on the bottom) and apples on top. I can't seem to find the right recipe, it was delicious! Anyway thank you for bringing those memories back.
Reviewed by Noreen Quigley
07/25/2017 - 07:07:12 PM
As usual, the poppy seed kolachi roll was the best ever. No one can beat it. Thanks and keep up the good work.
Reviewed by Lucy Ferris
07/25/2017 - 11:44:19 AM
Poppy Seed Kolachi
My husband loves your Kolachi. They taste exactly like his Czech grandmother and baker Uncle used to make. I used to order them for holidays but order them in between as a special treat for him.
Reviewed by Bernadette
07/25/2017 - 09:27:25 AM
The poppy seed roll was the best!
Reviewed by Barbara
07/25/2017 - 08:08:11 AM
Customer for life
Order after delicious order, it is always a thrill to open that carton to find everything in perfect order! Used to order for the holidays, but now it is more like an addiction! Such delicate dough on the Poppyseed rolls, with perfect, abundant filling. We swoon as we enjoy a treat anytime of year. Bravo Buttermaid!!
Reviewed by Peggy Vanyo
07/24/2017 - 02:07:30 PM
The Best
This poppy seed roll is always the one most favored by our Czech/Slovak family and friends. In fact a family member was a nursing facility temporarily and we took a few slices of poppy seed roll to him. When we told him what we brought, a big smile came on his face and immediately took a slice before we could even sit down in a chair. Made his day...and ours!
Reviewed by Linda Black
07/19/2017 - 06:48:27 AM
So Good
I ordered the poppy seed and it was so good. It was just like my great-aunt made. I shared some with my 96 yr old dad and one of his friends and they were so excited. The poppy seed roll is very dense with poppy seed and not sugary tasting. Others I have had are mostly bread. This brought back so many memories. Thank you for keeping up the traditions.
Reviewed by Cindy Ruiz
05/25/2017 - 03:27:18 PM
I ordered 3, Poppy Seed, Walnut, and Chocolate Walnut... Om My Gosh, heaven right here on earth. So delicious and sweet but not too overly sweet, just enough. Poppy seed was my favorite, but honestly, they're all excellent, you won't be disappointed. Oh, and by the way, mine were nothing but perfect.
Reviewed by Diana Roberts
05/18/2017 - 06:51:09 AM
Loved loved loved this. We lived near a Polish family when I was a child and the mom taught my mom to make this. I ordered three, an apple walnut and two poppy seed which was the one my mother made. We had the apple and one poppyseed for Easter and then I brought one to my sister's. Her husband is Czech and his eyes opened wide when he saw and tasted. He said, "I was raised on this...my mother would send me to the store for 'moch.'" He said that's what the poppyseed was caĺled. He loved it, we all loved it. I am so happy to have found this. Your kolachi is FABULOUS!!
Reviewed by Karen D Uyesugi
04/28/2017 - 11:25:58 AM
Wonderful Memories
Oh, my gosh.......there are no words to describe how I felt when I took my first bite of your poppy seed roll. I am Polish and grew up with my Polish grandmother bringing poppy seed rolls to us from a bakery she worked in. The difference is that I can actually eat the whole thing as opposed to having to share it with my family (only got small serving as a child). I want to thank your bakery workers as I could actually feel the care and tenderness put into this craft. And, of course, the flavor. In your rolls, there is no difference from the ends or the middle. All taste the same. Please accept my words of happiness as I now not only have a place to buy wonderful rolls but also have, with each bite, those wonderful memories from my childhood.
Reviewed by Lynn Hathaway
04/27/2017 - 10:01:29 AM
Thank you
I bought my 80 year old Dad the poppy seed Kolachi roll. We have been searching for one that was close to what Grandma used to make. Many were close but not quite the flavor we were looking for. After tasting yours, we were in heaven. It brought back so many wonderful memories of Grandma. My Dad couldn't say enough about how delicious the it was. It was so good in fact, he refused to share!
Thanks for the stroll down memory lane.

Lynn Hathaway
Reviewed by Sidney Campbell
04/26/2017 - 09:43:05 AM
Thank you
Ordered.....was here in 2days....!!! Made me a pot of coffee....sat down with a big 'ol slice of poppy seed and nut ......best I have had in years since my Hungarian Grandma made it... So glad I found you on Facebook...Thankyou ...
Reviewed by Deborah Goss
04/25/2017 - 05:32:02 PM
Gone already!
We have been missing the poppy seed roll we used to buy on Saturdays from a bakery in Connecticut since we moved to Florida 30 years ago. Your roll was sooooo good, just like we remembered. We will definitely be treating ourselves frequently to the product we had missed for so long. My husband was ecstatic, we just got it yesterday and it is nearly gone. Thanks for making a great product that was delivered so quickly. Deb G
Reviewed by Joni
04/17/2017 - 07:21:22 PM
a taste of the past
We had kolache regularly when we were kids. All the bakeries sold them. My sister recently gave me one of these poppy seed rolls for Easter, and they are just like I remember--maybe better. Fantastic!
Reviewed by Pam
04/12/2017 - 10:20:25 AM
I remember all the years my mother and grandmother taking days to make nut abd poppy seed rolls for holidays. I tried many many times....while they were as good as theirs it just took so much time. The ones from Butter maid remind me of the ones from my childhood, fantastic.
Reviewed by Eileen Stepien
04/04/2017 - 03:17:05 PM
Thank you
My husband is very proud of his Polish heritage...especially all the great food his Mother would make! Unfortunately, she passed away before I could get recipes And here in Pennsylvania there are no outstanding bakeries... I was thrilled to find Buttermaid Bakery on Facebook and look forward to receiving the Poppyseed cake...I know we will be doing a lot of business with you. Thank you for this opportunity.
Reviewed by Mary Gress
04/03/2017 - 06:35:09 PM
I have been looking for poppyseed rolls for many years. Back in Michigan where I grew up one of my friend's made poppyseed rolls at christmas and easter. I have been searching and found your rolls to be perfect! They are rich, delicious, filled with poppyseed, just perfect with tea. I am delighted with this product it came in a great shipping container wrap I froze it and cut off pieces as needed. It just always tasted wonderful
Reviewed by Michelle Muransky
03/05/2017 - 02:49:22 PM
I can't believe how wonderfully fresh and moist my poppyseed kolache rolls tasted when I received them in Atlanta only 2 days after ordering them. It was almost as though they were just baked the same day. My grandmother would bake poppyseed, nut and lekvar kolache for Easter and Christmas as part of our family tradition. If she was alive today she would have to agree that Butternaids' poppyseed kolache tastes (almost...haha) better than hers!!!. I had been anxiously awaiting my shipment and when I received the package, I ate a whole kolache myself before unpacking the box....thanks so much for bringing back "sweet" memories!!! You have a new raving fan!
Reviewed by Chris Kaminsky
02/25/2017 - 04:28:31 PM
Poppy seed, Nut and Apricot rolls are simply amazing! Just placed my 3rd order.
Reviewed by Allen & Denise S.
02/17/2017 - 03:48:30 PM
I ordered several nut and poppy seed rolls for myself and for gifts for the first time this year, and they were awesome. Everyone that received them thought they were great too. They were packaged well, stay fresh, etc. I only found your website by accident while looking for recipes for old fashioned Polish nut rolls, because I thought about trying to make this year, and there is no way mine would have come out this good. We will definitely have more orders in the future! Thanks again!
Reviewed by Mike V
02/16/2017 - 02:47:17 PM
I am pleased with the nut rolls. These are the closest I can get to my grandmother's walnut and poppyseed rolls. We are Hungarian and walnut and poppyseed rolls were among my favorite Hungarian pastries.
Reviewed by Diane Fox
01/24/2017 - 10:00:25 AM
Loved them!
We have been searching for poppy seed roll since the bakeries in my grandparents upstate PA town closed. We have found our go to place to get both poppy seed and nut rolls! Your magnet is on the refrigerator! Everyone loved both rolls.. Should have ordered more!!! Thank you so much!!!
Reviewed by Vachele
01/19/2017 - 09:27:30 AM
I thought I would never have it as good as my Nana used to make. I have had plenty that didn't measure up. But this was perfect poppy seed roll. I'm very sorry I didn't learn how to make it with my Nana
Reviewed by Lorraine Wolfe
01/03/2017 - 09:44:47 AM
Customer for life
We just received our order of nut & poppyseed rolls. Opened the poppyseed. My mother is 97 & loves it. This definitely did not disappoint. I have also had some shipped to my daughter in Louisiana for Christmas morning. I am very thankful that I found this website. Love the little personal gesture of a refrigerator magnet & signature of who packaged my order. You have a customer for life. Merry Christmas & a blessed New Year.
Reviewed by Frank Lipsinic
12/30/2016 - 09:59:29 AM
The Best!
I keep a shortcut and MS Word document on my PC desktop as a quick reference (in my old age) for ordering the BEST POPPYSEED and NUTROLLS on the Planet!
Butter Maid Bakery ROCKS!...er Nuts!...er Fruit!
Reviewed by Loren Nowak
12/29/2016 - 12:02:18 PM
This is fantastic. Just like I remember from the Polish bakery we frequented when I was a youth. I really like that Butter Maid is a family operation. Just like the old neighborhood bakeries I remember. If you would like to see us enjoying a kolachi poppy seed roll, seek us out on Facebook or YouTube. Look for our channel, Coffee With Blair. Nice job, Butter Maid Bakery!
Reviewed by K. Walter
12/16/2016 - 09:44:50 AM
Thank you!
Just want to tell you I ordered one of each of your nut roll and poppy seed rolls to send to my sister because when I tasted the ones I ordered I was sooooo happy. They taste just like the ones my mom made while we were growing up! Can't thank you enough for your wonderful product! Our holidays are complete!
Thank you again and Merry Christmas
Reviewed by Carolyn Perren
12/15/2016 - 10:41:03 AM
Sending gifts!
I am of Slovak/Czech descent and grew up with my "Baba" baking Kolachi for all of our Holiday celebrations. Walnut, Poppyseed, Lekvar. After Baba went to heaven we bought them from the ladies at our Church which has since moved away. I am now placing my 3rd order for the Holidays and to give as gifts. Thanks so much for bringing these wonderful deserts back into my home and for the quality and care used in baking and delivery.
Reviewed by Tricia Lahl
12/14/2016 - 02:02:53 PM
I grew up in Ohio, but moved to North Carolina about 20 years ago. My entire family constantly laments the fact that there is no delicious Eastern European food in the south. We've been dreaming about Poppyseed Roll and Walnut Kolachki ever since we left. Now I've found you!!! I got my first order yesterday and the several rolls I bought are gone. I've already ordered more. Thank you so much for the amazing tastes we've missed all these years. We love you!!! I can foresee a long a beautiful relationship. Lol
Reviewed by cmleal@cox.net
12/06/2016 - 11:29:30 AM
My aunt surprised me with a box of Kolachi rolls. 2 Poppyseed and 1 Walnut. I ate 2 of them myself (one of each). They taste just like my grandmothers... They were DELICIOUS... Thank you Jojo for the treat !!!
Reviewed by Adrienne Stang
11/25/2016 - 01:24:02 PM
Thank you
Our family were originally No. Ohio people and my Aunt Jean made the best poppy see kolachi one could imagine. It was one of my favorite things so when I happened on your web site I had to try yours and I can say they are every bit as good as I remembered hers to be. Thank you for sticking to tradition. I've since ordered three more and will be a regular customer from now on. I didn't expect to ever taste poppy seed kolachi again and I'm delighted to find you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Reviewed by Don
11/21/2016 - 11:40:36 AM
I received the poppy seed Kolachi yesterday. It is fantastic. Lots of poppy seed, which I love. Will be ordering some more for the holidays. Thanks again.
Reviewed by Roxanne
11/20/2016 - 02:06:37 PM
I wanted to send my sister something special for Thanksgiving. She's been courageously fighting cancer for the past 9 months and recently told me how much she missed the poppyseed and nut rolls my grandmother always made for the holidays. This recipe was not passed down, but when I searched on line, I found your bakery, and the rolls looked surprisingly familiar. I never knew this pastry was called "Kolachi". I sent her both of them and she got them today. She said they are fabulous. Thank you for helping me spread some holiday cheer and bringing her memories of our days growing up.
Reviewed by Joseph Bacon
09/01/2016 - 09:11:56 AM
From Facebook:

I have to give you folks props for your Kolachis! My sister's mother in law made the most incredible Poppyseed Kolachis every Easter and Christmas. They were so good I asked her to make a couple and I'd put them in the freezer.

A friend ordered your Poppyseed masterpiece and surprised me with it.

Reviewed by Mark Sendrick
08/23/2016 - 10:34:23 AM
Fond memories
Just wanted to let you know that the rolls arrived today and I already sampled both the poppy seed and nut rolls. Brought back fond memories of the ones my mom baked during the holidays. What a great product, tasty, fresh and arrived in perfect condition. Have tried many from different places over the years, but none a good as yours. It was just like my mom baked. You now have a customer for life. Thank you.
Reviewed by Andrea Gray
08/07/2016 - 12:23:34 PM
Received my order today! Well, my Polish mom made the best poppy seed rolls I've ever tasted but your's are next! They are truly wonderful! I haven't tasted anything close to the ones she made years and years ago, but yours reminded me of hers. I'll be ordering more in the future, especially around the holidays. Thank you so much for a truly amazing product.
Reviewed by Curt Harvey
06/28/2016 - 04:07:05 PM
Love them!
Your poppy seed strudels ( Moonkuchen ) are as good as my mother used to make - tasty and you don't seem to save on the poppy seeds. I love them and would eat more if, what I fear, are many calories in each piece!
Curt Harvey Athens Georgia
Reviewed by Barbara Shuckra
06/22/2016 - 03:29:22 PM
I love the flavor of these products. However, to make them as good as my grandma's, I mixed confectionary sugar with milk and basted the tops of the cakes. With this added step, my friend and I truly felt as if we were back in our Polish communities.
Reviewed by Ann Chadwell
06/21/2016 - 07:29:54 PM
Love it
Delicious , fresh ,quick delivery. haven't had this delicious taste since I was a small child. Love it love it love it poppy seed is my favorite could not find it in Florida anywhere
Reviewed by Denise Harding
06/11/2016 - 11:30:32 PM
Gresham, OR
I finally broke down and decided to give Butter Maid a try. Ordered the poppy seed kolachi. Packaged nicely. Couldn't wait to open it and take my first bite! Best I have had since Grandma passed away 25 yrs ago! Ate the whole thing myself in just a few days!! Will definitely be reordering! And your program for sending cookies to the troops is wonderful!
Reviewed by Facebook_Reviews
03/31/2016 - 07:36:32 PM
Best we ever had!
After seeing your Facebook page, I decided to give your bakery a try. I ordered a walnut and a poppy seed kolachi roll. My husband and I could not have been more pleased. We will definitely be ordering more in the future. We both came to the conclusion that your product is the best we have ever had!! Keep doing what you're doing!! - Kathy Copeland, Porter IN
Reviewed by Facebook_Reviews
03/31/2016 - 05:57:53 PM
3 Kolachi rolls I ordered online Saturday arrived today. I couldn't open the Poppyseed fast enough to get a slice. Delicious, so reminds me of what my grandmother made. I haven't made these for many years, and now that I have found Butter Maid I am happy to have a source for high quality Kolachi. Worth every cent that they charge. I put one in the freezer for later because I know 2 will be gone quickly. Excellent in taste & appearance and were shipped nicely. - Pat Morrison, La Crescent MN
Reviewed by Facebook_Reviews
02/09/2016 - 05:00:36 PM
The Best
better than Grammas and best customer service. If you love Poppyseed this is the best. Also nut roll. Just reordered Next time and their will be have to try something new. - Irene Sitkowski Glock, myrtle beach, SC
Reviewed by Customer_Testimonials
Customer_Testimonials bought "Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll" on our website
02/07/2016 - 04:18:22 PM
Absolutely delicious
I just wanted to let you know that my Kolachi order arrived today. I am in heaven!!!! The poppy seed are absolutely delicious and just as good as the first time I placed an order with Butter Maid Bakery. I am originally from Buffalo, New York, and I seem to remember my grandmother making something very similar when I was a kid growing up!!! - Joanne Halvorson, Bethlehem, GA
Reviewed by Customer_Testimonials
Customer_Testimonials bought "Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll" on our website
02/07/2016 - 04:09:44 PM
Thank you
My mom received the nut roll and poppy seed..She said in her 85yrs she never saw that much filling..in each roll!!..thanks a lot for making this a great mothers day!! - David Podolsky, Livonia, New York
Reviewed by Customer_Testimonials
Customer_Testimonials bought "Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll" on our website
02/05/2016 - 05:39:25 PM
Love them
I am giving your nut rolls as Mother’s Day presents because they are the closest I’ve ever tasted to my grandmas (I used to help her actually grind our own nuts and poppyseed to make them from scratch), and my mom will appreciate them.

And, I love them too!

Susan S., Clark, NJ
Reviewed by Customer_Testimonials
Customer_Testimonials bought "Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll" on our website
02/05/2016 - 05:37:43 PM
My Mom (and I!) absolutely loved you poppyseed and walnut breads! She was so surprised when I served it. It is so authentic and delicious! Thank you for helping to make our Christmas a special one! - Eileen O., New Hope, PA
Reviewed by Customer_Testimonials
Customer_Testimonials bought "Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll" on our website
01/17/2016 - 03:23:42 PM
Thank God
I do believe you must all be Hungarians. I was married to a Hungarian and learned to love all these Kolachi, Kefflie and love cookies. I am now 90 and can't bake them any longer but thank God I found Buttermaid Bakery because yours taste just like my Mother-in-laws. I ordered nut and poppyseed Kolachi and nut Kefflei for Christmas and they were outstandingly magnificient. Now I want to try your love cookies they sound fantastic. - Hellen Muench, Sun city, AZ
Reviewed by Customer_Testimonials
Customer_Testimonials bought "Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll" on our website
01/09/2016 - 12:57:57 PM
Exactly the same
It took me awhile to finally order poppyseed and nut rolls because I was so worried it wouldn't taste like my families did in Pennsylvania. I was so pleasantly surprised when I got them and they tasted exactly the same. DELICIOUS!! Well worth the money for good quality, great tasting, and good size rolls. I am so happy I now know exactly where to buy my rolls from!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! - Sherry Newton, Fredericksburg, Virginia
Reviewed by Customer_Testimonials
Customer_Testimonials bought "Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll" on our website
01/09/2016 - 12:51:42 PM
I sent the walnut and poppyseed rolls to my dad for Christmas. He's a Hungarian-American and my grandmother and her sisters made them.

He was thrilled and called me to tell me they were delicious and AUTHENTIC! - Terry Sagedy, Newtown, CT
Reviewed by Facebook_Reviews
01/09/2016 - 10:20:34 AM
My wife ordered 4 of these 2 with poppy seed 2 with nuts and they were, according to my wife, as good, if not better than home made. They were frozed for 2 week and then thawed and served.
DELICIOUS - Gary Brown, Tampa FL
Reviewed by Customer_Testimonials
Customer_Testimonials bought "Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll" on our website
12/17/2015 - 01:52:30 PM
Taken back
One thing that I regret is that I never got my Grandma's recipe for nut and poppy seed roll. I grew up in Cleveland Ohio. I searched for years to find something that compared to hers. I finally found it. I tasted your poppy seed roll and I immediately was taken back to the holidays at Grandma's house!!! It is truly wonderful I can't wait to taste the nut roll. I will definitely be ordering more! Thank you!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! - Sandy Beckert, Tampa, Florida
Reviewed by Facebook_Reviews
11/30/2015 - 09:12:14 PM
HIGHLY recommende!!!
I haven't had Poppyseed Rolls this excellent since I was a youngster & living in the Coal Regions of Pa. Very Satisfied & will be ordering more in the future! HIGHLY recommended!!! - Michael Colna, Hillsville, Virginia
Reviewed by Customer_Testimonials
Customer_Testimonials bought "Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll" on our website
11/30/2015 - 06:34:22 PM
my order arrived the day before Thankgiving. what delights!!! your kolachi dough is perfection~~!!! I thought I would half and freeze my kolachi for Christmas........yeah right. I will be making another order soon. Thank you for your delicious , quality product. God Bless - Barbara Stahlecker, Lansdale, Pennsylvania
Reviewed by Customer_Testimonials
Customer_Testimonials bought "Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll" on our website
11/30/2015 - 06:31:20 PM
My Nana passed away in 1979, but I know that if I walked into your kitchen I would see her there making her nut and poppyseed rolls. My sister and I have tried over the years to duplicate them but nothing has ever come as close as the first few bites of your heavenly cakes. Thank you, thank you and I WILL be ordering again. - Sheri Szostak, CapeMay NJ
Reviewed by Customer_Testimonials
Customer_Testimonials bought "Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll" on our website
11/30/2015 - 06:27:37 PM
Just like moms and grandmothers
I just placed my second order. We are so pleased with your products...just like our moms and grandmothers made. My husband loves the poppy seed kolachi. We are Ohioans transplanted to Florida. I remember your bakery from when I did student teaching at ST. Charles in Boardman. We are looking forward to receiving our clothespin cookies!! - Becky Demancsik, North Port, FL
Reviewed by Customer_Testimonials
Customer_Testimonials bought "Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll" on our website
11/30/2015 - 05:50:16 PM
Absolutely fantastic!!!
When i grew up in NJ we were able to get the poppy seed Kolachi roll and the walnut, but living in NC could not find it anywhere. so I started to make it, well the ingredients were not available here so i would have to order by the case, which was very expensive plus i had to still make it. It never came out the way I remembered it. But when I found Butter Maid Bakery I said I will give it a shot. Well I received my order today and couldn't wait to open it, me and my husband got into it and was like Wow! this is absolutely fantastic!!! It was just like i remembered only better!!! So glad that I found you, i will be sharing, your site, (not the Kolachi) with my friends. thank you so much so happy! - Pat Cable, Franklin, nc
Reviewed by Facebook_Reviews
08/08/2015 - 01:45:08 PM
Thank you Butter Maid Bakery for the AMAZING poppy seed & nut rolls. They arrived just in time for our family get together. They were fresh and delicious just like grandma used to make back in the day. You definitely do not skimp on the filling! Received lots of compliments on how good they were. Will for sure be ordering again! Give you 5 STARS! Thank you, The Shimko Family from San Juan Capistrano, CA
Reviewed by Customer_Testimonials
Customer_Testimonials bought "Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll" on our website
08/08/2015 - 01:26:17 PM
In Love
The poppy roll is the that I ever had. Of course the best used to be my grandmother's who was a Hungarian lady.
I'm in love with this bakery because it reminds me of my grandmother baking. Thank you. - Valerie Fountain, Ocala, Florida
Reviewed by Customer_Testimonials
Customer_Testimonials bought "Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll" on our website
05/16/2015 - 01:22:12 PM
Memories of my Grandmother's
I ordered the Walnut and Poppy Seed Rolls. I received them right away. I've been dying to have these and was nervous that they wouldn't taste like the ones my Slovak grandmother used to make. Boy, was I surprised. They tasted exactly like hers. I will definitely be ordering again and actually try the other flavors. Thank you for bringing back memories of my grandmother's desserts.
- Joanne O, New Hampton, NY
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
04/14/2015 - 11:29:38 AM
So fresh
Oh My Goodness! I got my shipment today and ordered the "original nut Kolachi Roll" and it just melts in your mouth. It tastes just like I remembered when my moms friend use to make the poppyseed but I haven't had one in many years and this is so good...Its how I remembered it. Its so fresh! I will order again! Such great shipping service also! Thank you!
Cindy - Bristol,WI
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
04/14/2015 - 11:20:21 AM
Awesome product
My family is really enjoying your kolachi! They are even better than what I remember as a child. Thank you for your awesome product and quick service! Best wishes
Leslie L - New Albany, OH
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
04/14/2015 - 11:03:26 AM
Easter complete
Truly loved the rolls that I ordered. One problem, is the Cherry/nut roll. I was expecting like a 50/50% of cherry & nuts; however, it was a lot more nit than cherry. They taste just like my grandmom use to make. Delicious. Thank you for making my Easter complete.
Andrea D - Lancaster, PA
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
04/14/2015 - 10:38:12 AM
Forever Customer!
I got the rolls in time for Easter and they were EXCELLENT. On a scale of 1 to 10, with my mom's being a 10, your's are AT LEAST a 9 (I am a bit prejudice, LOL.) My mom used to make Kolachi and Poppy Seed rolls every Christmas and Easter. I missed them so much. Now I can order them from you! I don't know how I found your web site, but I am so VERY happy I did. I introduced Kolachi to several people on Easter, and THEY ALL LOVED IT.

Thank you ALL so much for making such wonderful rolls. I will be a forever customer!

Mary T - Big Bear City, CA
Reviewed by myke
04/08/2015 - 03:10:19 PM
I grew up on this.My Mom,being Hungarian,made Poppy Seed roll or SCHNEKEN on every occasion for all 8 of us children.As we grew up and moved away she would then not only make these rolls but also mail them to Hawaii / California / Phoenix.I never did learn the long process involved in making these fabulous rolls so thank you for making it possible for me to keep up with her tradition.
Great memories,thanks Myke
Reviewed by Customer_Testimonials
03/10/2015 - 04:35:15 PM
Highly recommend
My parents are of the Russian Orthodox faith and your nut rolls and poppy seed rolls are the closest to what my parents made for years. I would highly recommend your products to everyone. No fillers, just pure nuts and poppy seeds, excellent!!!!!
Christine Caldwell - Zelienople, PA
Reviewed by Facebook_Reviews
01/14/2015 - 06:11:40 PM
Just Perfect!
WOW! I ordered poppy seed and nut rolls before Christmas and I still can't get over how fantastic they were! The nut roll might just be the best thing I've ever eaten! I grew up with the poppy seed rolls (makovnik)--no holiday is complete without them--but of course, I cannot find them anywhere in Virginia...until I found you, that is. So delicious, just perfect! I actually considered entering your contest right before Christmas, even though it would have been a day's driving to pick it up if I had won!
Thank you so much & Happy New Year!
G.D., Virginia
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
12/05/2014 - 07:50:10 PM
Got the knack!
I got my order tonight. I cannot begin to describe just how delicious that poppyseed pastry really is. If a machine made that, you have a very select piece of equipment. If a human made that, God bless them for they have a knack.

Thank you for a wonderful product,
John Hercules

PS I have never seen a more unique and good way to pack such an item.
Reviewed by Customer_Testimonials
11/16/2014 - 07:30:15 PM
Real Homemade Rolls
I found your bakery online during my search for Kolachi Rolls. My grandmother used to make them before she passed away and mom still makes them during the holidays. I purchased the walnut and poppyseed rolls and had them shipped to my mother for her birthday. I was so anxious to hear what she thought and when she tried them she could not believe how great they tasted. She said they tasted just like the ones they have baked for many years. So, I ordered them for myself and have to say they are amazing. They truly are the real homemade rolls I grew up eating. We will definitely continue to order fron your bakery and thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job making real homemade treats!!!
Carol Pennington, Winter Springs, Fl
Reviewed by Customer_Testimonials
09/22/2014 - 09:33:13 AM
Nothing compares
Everyone at Butter Maid Bakery must have baking in their genes because you all Rock! After searching high and low for a poppy seed nut roll, I arrived at your website. My aunt made the best nut rolls, well so I thought, that was until everyone in my family tasted Butter Maid Bakery's Nut Rolls!! Hands down nothing compares to yours! My brother is a commercial fisherman (scalloper), who spends a lot of time at sea. He is the person who missed my Aunt Mimi's poppy seed nut rolls the most since she pasted away. I always wanted to surprise him with a comparable nut roll to make him feel at home and comfort during his long trips at sea. And boy did your rolls do it!! So my dearest thank you goes out to everyone at Butter Maid Bakery for so greatly fulfilling his taste buds (beyond imaginable) and for the quality, love, and care you put into everyone of your products.
Next on our list is the pumpkin roll cake!! My brother loves falls time and pumpkins hehe!!!
Thank you again. XO, MKG, NJ
Reviewed by Customer_Testimonials
07/23/2014 - 04:47:32 PM
Last Christmas our daughter found your web site and ordered the
poppyseed and nut roll. When she came for the holiday and we got to sample your rolls it was like heaven. Years ago when I was young we had a bakery in my home town that made wonderful nut, poppyseed rolls and other pastries, when I tasted your rolls it was like going back 70 years to that place. I'm now ordering the poppyseed and nut roll to freeze because when I have company they love your rolls. You have a wonderful bakery and do a great job in packing the rolls for freezing.
Mary Smith Mechanicsburg, Pa
Reviewed by Facebook_Reviews
04/13/2014 - 06:41:04 PM
Best He's Ever Had
As a Czech descendant (on both sides), I've been a poppy seed swirl fan since childhood. And I always mail my grandpa one for his birthday. When our favorite bakery in NYC stopped selling them, I had to do a hunt to find a new source for our favorite treat. I sent him Butter Maid's and he said it was the BEST he's ever had! And that's saying something because he's had a lot! I'm now sold on Butter Maid. What a lucky find. If the cranberry walnut roll is half as good as the poppy seed, I can't wait to try it!
Karen Zelnick, Salt Lake City, UT
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
01/18/2014 - 12:32:24 PM
Customer For Life
I don't know how she did it, but my now-deceased mother always hosted Christmas Eve and Day dinners. She was an angel and a superb Polish cook.
Among her holiday repertoire, she made poppy seed and nut rolls. Her dough was always tender rolled very thinly and she generously filled them with the poppy seed and nut fillings.
I have purchased these items in regular as well as ethnic grocery stores and they never could match up with those made by my mother and now, Buttermaid. Buttermaid topped even my mother's rolls. I have also purchased them from a nearby Polish Holiday Festival and those were made with skimpy amounts of fillings and the dough was tough and too thick. Needless to say, I have been so disappointed with my search for these tasty memories from my past.
At last, I ordered them, as well as other delicious confections, from Buttermaid. My search for these items is now over. I will always purchase from Buttermaid.
Diane Piasecki, Fair Oaks, CA
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
10/26/2012 - 07:58:26 PM
Customer Testimonials
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
10/26/2012 - 07:40:50 PM
Customer Testimonials
I usually make the poppyseed and nut kolache every year for Christmas, especially for my husband and stepdad who enjoy them very much. Due to the passing of my stepdad on Dec. 3, 2011 I didn't have the time to bake. I tried Butter Maid bakery, the photos of your goods coaxed me to try. I ordered to poppyseed and one nut roll. They are fantastic, the family enjoyed them and almost identical to the way I make them. The difference, I add a lil rum to my poppyseed and also chopped raisins. I will definitely order again,,,First bakery items ordered through a website that actually are home style. Thank you!
Monica Kosinar
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
10/26/2012 - 07:39:39 PM
Customer Testimonials
I have placed an order for the first time, and the 'goodies' arrived on time as promised -- the nut roll, the poppy seed roll and the cookies W/nuts were all scrumptious! It's not a cheap treat (with shipping) but I'm eager to order them again, and try the other rolls & cookies too.
Thank you,

Elona Finkelstein
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
10/26/2012 - 07:21:11 PM
Customer Testimonials
Our family is very pleased with your delicious poppy seed kolachi rolls.Quality baked goods at last!
We appreciate the ease of ordering online and the price is fantastic.
Christine Schoffman
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
10/26/2012 - 06:53:42 PM
Customer Testimonials
Just received my poppy seed and walnut kolachi rolls. This baked good is very delicious and one of the best I have ever ordered, or purchased at a bakery. I'm from Northeastern PA, and appreciate this particular baked good. You have the best bakers. I will re-order, and share this with my family and friends. Thank you!
Chris S. - DeLand, FL
Reviewed by Customer_Emails
10/26/2012 - 06:45:25 PM
Customer Testimonials
I am pleased with the nut rolls. These are the closest I can get to my grandmother's walnut and poppyseed rolls. We are Hungarian and walnut and poppyseed rolls were among my favorite Hungarian pastries. Thanks.
Mike V., Spokane, WA
Reviewed by bentme
bentme bought "Poppy Seed Filled Kolachi Roll" on our website
01/07/2012 - 10:48:31 PM
Poppyseed Roll
These are the best! They are just like the ones my grandma would make when I was little. Great customer service & fast delivery :)
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I ate one of apricot kolachi and thought I had gone to heaven. Then I tasted the nut roll and knew I had gone to heaven! They were so fresh and delicious. I will definitely order more in the future. I'll be in the area of the bakery in June and hope to stop in. I am so happy I found your ad on Facebook. Thank you!!!
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I have been trying to find this type of nut roll ever since my mom past. No one came close. Until now. After the first bite, I cried. Just like my mom use to make. So, moist, full of nuts and heavenly. I'm ordering the poppyseed and apricot next. What a wonderful experience ordering from your company. It arrived on time, packaged so well and ...
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My brother posted a Butter Maid Bakery ad on facebook. It kept popping up every once in a while, so I finally decided to order a 3 pack. The poppy seed and nut rolls tasted exactly like those my grandma used to make. I might have to order a roll for my brother as a finders fee. Thank you for the kolachi and the childhood memories. Just ...
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