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Our Customers Say...

These nut rolls are wonderful. They are as good as my grandmother from Czechoslovakia used to make. With her passing and the passing of my mother, nut rolls were just a memory of the past... Then I stumbled upon Butter Maid Bakery by pure accident on QVC. I am now a customer for life.
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I was born in Youngstown, Ohio and growing during the holidays my mother would always make butterballs, and apricot, poppy seed and nut kolachi cookies. They were ALL my favorites and now that I am grown and my mother lives quite a long distance away, the closest thing I have to those memories are your wonderful baked creations! I placed my ...
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THESE NUTROLLS ARE THE BEST!!! Yes, I’m shouting. I was so upset when you moved from my local mall but I’m glad I can still get these. The most nuts out of any nutroll I have ever had and the pastry is the best. I’ve had some that were dry but this pastry is truly buttery. Cookies are great too!
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