Wedding Cookies

    Is it Youngstown, Ohio or Pittsburgh, PA where The Cookie Table at wedding receptions originated? We don't think anyone knows for sure. What we do know is they usually only appear in Northeastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. For those of you who have no idea what we're talking about, imagine a wedding where there are entire tables of just cookies! It is not unheard of for there to be 15+ cookies per person attending. Questions from the reception hall staff include "Where will the cookie table go?" right with "Where will they cut the cake?"
   Credit for The Cookie Table is said to go to Eastern European and Italian immigrants who settled in this region. Another theory is that it started during the Great Depression, when flashy wedding cakes were not as common. To reduce the burden and cost for just one family - mothers, grandmas, aunts, and relatives go to work in the kitchen, baking and freezing cookies until the big day. So, why so many cookies? The tradition is not to try and eat 15+ cookies at the reception, but to send everyone home with a box of cookies. You bring cookies, eat cookies, and take some home... that is the tradition.
   Cookie tables in our region don't stop at weddings.  We have them at Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, graduations, Sunday dinner... any reason to gather with family and friends, and these cookies appear.  Baking for this tradition becomes harder and harder to fulfill, but Butter Maid Bakery can help. We ship our wedding cookies nationwide, guaranteed to arrive fresh. Try our #1 selling old-fashioned kolachi cookie made with a real cream cheese dough, available in walnut and apricot.

Our Customers Say...

I ordered 3 collections of baked goods to be sent to family and one for myself. The cookies were such a disappointment. They had been pictured as large with generous filling. Thet were all tiny, with a little filling. The apricot filling was tasteless and the cream filling almost non-existent. Even the pastry was not as I have experienced ...
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I purchased a variety of baked goods for my nephew who was living in Denver, Colorado. He loves the nut cookies and nut and apricot rolls. We grew up in St. Michael, Pennsylvania and our Mothers, (and we) made nut and apricot cookies and nut rolls for Christmas and Easter. Love them, as do our children. I had a chance to see him over ...
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I'm so excited. Poppy seed rolls and nut rolls were a treat from my youth made by my mom. Found your bakery this week and ordered three. They arrived today, in time for Thanksgiving! Thank you. It stirs up memories of holidays 50 years ago. Happy Thanksgiving!
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